3 Best Fulvic Acid Supplements For Gut And Microbiome Health In 2024

3 Best Fulvic Acid Supplements For Gut And Microbiome Health In 2024

Fulvic acid is a sophisticated natural substance with many well-known health advantages, particularly for correcting vitamin shortages and reducing inflammation.

Therefore, a ton of terrible fulvic acid supplement products have emerged. Some of them are outright gimmicks or contain less fulvic acid than they claim.

Here’s what you need to know to select the finest fulvic acid pills. The following article will guide you through the best fulvic acid supplements we recommend for your gut health.

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#1Fulvic Minerals+$$Visit Website
#2Purium Fulvic Zeolite$$$Visit Website
#3GI Detox Binder$$Visit Website

How Are Fulvic Acid Supplements Made?

Typically, shale rock resources are exploited to extract the fulvic acid used in supplements. Flushing the rock with a potassium solution and concentrating the fulvic acid are the two steps in the extraction process.

Additionally, fulvic acid may be extracted from coal, soil, compost, or dung. However, this fulvic acid is often intended for agricultural use rather than human use.

Fulvic Acid VS. Humic Acid Supplements

Microbes decompose organic matter to produce humic and fulvic acids. Both offer health advantages, but fulvic acid is thought to have more due to its higher oxygen content and better absorption ability by the body.

On the one hand, fulvic acid has a light molecular weight, a high oxygen content, and a yellowish hue. It is soluble in water at all pH levels.

Humic acid, on the other hand, has a mid-molecular weight, a mid-oxygen concentration, and a dark brown hue. It is soluble in alkaline water.

Why Do Some Supplements Contain Fulvic and Humic Acid?

Humic acid will also be extracted during the fulvic acid extraction method.

Most supplement makers merely leave the humic acids in with the fulvic acid rather than going through the extra effort of separating the fulvic acid.

Therefore, you receive a supplement that contains both ingredients.

The amounts of each ingredient are listed precisely by good brands after conducting scientific testing.

Less expensive ones just put “fulvic and humic acids combination” as one of their components.

These supplements can mostly contain humic acids, which means they will deliver less effective outcomes.

Fulvic Acid Supplements vs. Shilajit

Shilajit, a rock-secreted material found in the Himalayas and other mountain ranges worldwide, has exceptionally high levels of fulvic acid.

Mineral pitch, mumijo, and vegetable asphalt are a few of their common names.

Shilajit is a dark brownish-black powder that contains 15–25% fulvic acid in its solid form. Additionally, it has trace levels of minerals and fungi-derived compounds.

Since ancient times, shilajit has been used medicinally, notably in Ayurvedic medicine, to treat conditions such as diabetes, altitude sickness, asthma, heart problems, and digestive and neurological issues.

Additionally, it has been utilized to boost productivity, increase beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, and improve the immune system.

Many of the therapeutic qualities of shilajit are thought to be attributed to fulvic acid.

Shilajit and fulvic acid are both supplements that can be used to increase someone’s health.

This supplement is normally offered as a capsule or fine powder that may be added to drinks and organic foods, unlike fulvic acid, which is typically prepared in liquid or capsule form and coupled with other minerals, such as magnesium and amino acids.

#1 – Fulvic Minerals+ By Touchstone Essentials

Previously, food gave our bodies all they required to survive.

Nowadays, the soil has been depleted of nutrients through many years of standard agricultural practices, producing crops that seem identical but are deficient in essential elements, particularly trace minerals and fulvic chemicals.

With natural fulvic compounds isolated from clean sources, minerals from seaweed sourced responsibly, and natural clinoptilolite zeolite for optimal detoxification and nutrient absorption, you can enjoy the benefits of Fulvic Minerals+.

The drops are simple to add to your preferred beverage for everyday usage and are lab-tested for quality.

Give your body a natural edge with Fulvic Minerals+’s plant-based trace minerals, natural zeolite, and fulvic acid components to enhance energy, immunity, and detox.

Fulvic acid’s natural components feed the gut and promote healthy microbiota to support the immune system and digestive health.

Seaweed-derived trace minerals offer a wide range of micronutrients to support cellular health, nutrition absorption, and energy levels.

Natural zeolite helps the removal of heavy metals, toxins, and pollutants from the body and intestines so you can feel your best.

Read Our Full Review Of Fulvic Minerals+

#2 – Purium Fulvic Zeolite

Fulvic acid has been synergistically coupled with zeolite, one of the few negatively charged minerals, to form Fulvic Zeolite, which functions as a magnet to attract positively charged poisons and heavy metals out of the body.

If you want increased absorption and cellular cleaning, we suggest pairing it with meals that regulate your energy levels.

It is an effective component of any treatment for detoxification and can help restore electrical conductivity in the body and regulate pH levels.

Aluminum and silica, confined in tiny tetrahedra made of oxygen atoms, form zeolites with a cage-like shape.

These stack on top of one another to create channels in the shape of 8-sided and 10-sided rings.

The oxygen around the positively charged aluminum leaves a net negative charge on the whole molecule.

This substance is relatively stable, making it an unbreakable molecule that functions as a vacuum, sucking toxins and fatty acids out of your bloodstream and locking them away in a cage.

The toxins get neutralized when confined in a way that prevents the liver from detecting their presence. After that, your body transfers it to the kidneys so you may eliminate it through your urine without putting too much strain on the liver. Small molecules between two and 10 angstroms can enter zeolite’s honeycombed structures, but they cannot leave once inside.

Only the naturally occurring clinoptilolite class of zeolite, which has been utilized in traditional medicine for more than 800 years, is employed by Purium.

Read Our Full Review Of Purium Fulvic Zeolite

#3 – GI Detox Binder

G.I. Detox+TM’s binding activity is a crucial component of any treatment plan that calls for improving someone’s body health. G.I. DetoxTM+ binds and clears, assuring comfort and compliance, as solid fulvic acid acts on biofilms and bacteria, mobilizing LPS, metals, mycotoxins, and undesirable microbial byproducts. Beneficial microbes become equilibrated, and biofilms get destroyed to ensure proper detoxification.

Zeolite clay, activated charcoal, silica, apple pectin, humic powder, and aloe vera are all included in G.I. DetoxTM+, which is designed to have broader action than a product with only one component. Binding and detoxifying substances have a long history in conventional medicine and are validated by recent studies.

Try Bio-Botanical Research’s G.I. DetoxTM if you’re seeking a fulvic acid supplementation treatment to help cleanse your gastrointestinal system and improve your cognitive health.

First, each G.I. DetoxTM tablet contains more than 500 milligrams of pyrophyllite clay. This Bio-Botanical Research supplement may function to protect your cells from harm caused by free radicals since the electrolytes in the clay contain free ions that may act as antioxidants. Pyrophyllite clay could also pull toxins out of your tissues and organs due to its negative electromagnetic charge.

Additionally, the activated charcoal in G.I. DetoxTM may function to bond with toxins and other undesirable chemicals in your stomach, making it simpler for your body to eliminate them. According to proponents of alternative medicine, activated charcoal may also aid with some symptoms of moderate gastrointestinal discomfort, such as light gas or bloating.

Read Our Full Review Of GI Detox Binder

Signs of a Quality Fulvic Acid Supplement

Don’t limit yourself to considering a fulvic acid supplement’s quantity of favorable reviews. Instead, pay attention to these indications of high-quality fulvic acid.

It Lists the Exact Amount of Fulvic Acid

A reputable brand will specify the quantity of fulvic acid in a product. Cheap, dubious products will mention the total amount of humic and fulvic acids. If the specific proportions of each product are unknown, it is a clear indicator of a bad product.

It Is Third-party Tested

Rocks or dirt that are found in nature is used to extract fulvic acid. You could mix dangerous compounds with fulvic acid, depending on the source. Due to excessive amounts of lead and arsenic, the FDA warned customers not to use fulvic acid from several brands in 2021. Chemicals may be used in some extraction techniques and end up in the extracted material.

A reputable fulvic acid brand will conduct independent testing (and offer test results upon request) to guarantee that the supplement is free of harmful byproducts.

It Was Produced By a Reliable Company

Many fulvic acid products are just generic fulvic acid from a single provider that has been repackaged. Many of these goods come from China, where low-grade fulvic acid is widely available and inexpensive. Due to chemical processing and minimal to no filtration, these poorer-quality items may test positive for hazardous byproducts and high levels of heavy metals.

Bottom Line

Liquid fulvic acid is known for providing people with tons of health benefits, such as improving their gut health and immune system. Now that you are aware of all the fulvic acid benefits and everything the previously described products can do, you are ready to include them in your daily life.

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