Can You Do Chelation Therapy At Home?

Can You Do Chelation Therapy at Home?

chelation therapy at home

Are you trying to figure out if you can do chelation therapy at home? In this blog post I discuss ways that you can.

A lot of people are nowadays getting more and more interested in the procedure. They realize the benefits, as well the advantages that it can do for the body. Chelation therapy is the process of removing toxins, especially metal particles, in the bloodstream. It can purify the blood and make it safer and healthier for you.

Is Chelation Therapy At Home Safe?

If you want to do a chelation procedure, it should be done by a medical professional. It is something that no one can do. The procedure can be very complicated, so make sure to seek the help of your doctor. Aside from that, Chelating products are also not approved for home use. You cannot just get it over the counter if you want to. You can only obtain any of these products for personal use with a prescription from your doctor. Suppose you’re considering giving chelation therapy a try, consult your doctor first, and be guided on what you need and what you have to do.

Other considerations because chelation therapy is not allowed to be done at home. The process could be detrimental to your health. That’s why the doctor should do it. It involves the use of a synthetic solution called EDTA or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. This solution is injected into the bloodstream, and it will do the purification process. This solution should never be done at home to avoid any possible medical problems that could come up.

Chelation Therapy Benefits

So, what are the real benefits of chelation therapy? A lot of patients nowadays undergo chelation therapy to treat some of their various health conditions. One of the health benefits is that the chelation process cleans your blood from toxic metals like iron, lead, and mercury, which are harmful to your body. This procedure is most commonly used in treating patients suffering from heavy metal poisoning. A lot of practitioners have also witnessed that chelation therapy treats heart problems and helps. Many practitioners have prevented some patients from having chronic problems. There are also cases where patients were treated by chelation therapy with their diabetes problems.  

Also, it has been known that chelation therapy can treat autism because many medical studies have concluded that mercury in the body is one of the major causes of autism. On a similar note, some medical professionals have claimed that chelation therapy treated a lot of their patients with Alzheimer’s disease because the chelation agents helped to remove the aluminum build-up from the brain. Parkinson’s disease patients also were said to be treated with chelation therapy as an iron build-up also causes it in the brain.

Some medical proponents also have suggested that the EDTA can work as an antioxidant which also helped to prevent health problems caused by chronic inflammation. It was also considered that chelation therapy treated other inflammation-related conditions like osteoarthritis.

Another health condition that has shown various good responses from chelation therapy is the condition of high blood pressure and high cholesterol problems. Also, with the same procedure, it flushed down the toxic substances which were build up in the bloodstream.

There are also some rare situations in chelation therapy that have treated serious complications for heart diseases, including bone marrow suppression, low blood calcium levels(hypocalcemia), sudden drop in blood pressure, kidney damage, and heart failures.

Chelation Therapy Side Effects

The medical procedure of Chelation Therapy has potential side effects you need to consider. If you don’t want these side effects, you may want to consider a more passive chelation alternative through supplementation.

So How Does Chelation Therapy Work?

The main idea is to remove the toxic metals from the body using a specialized solution called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid). It is a kind of amino acid that penetrates the bloodstream and creates a molecule that causes the metals to bond in a level that goes through the filter down to the kidney, then flushed by urination. The procedure is administered in a medical facility using an IV and injected directly into the bloodstream. So, since the procedure is not simple, it requires professional medical supervision.

chelation therapy at home
Always consult with a medical professional before attempting to do Chelation Therapy.

Now that you know how chelation therapy works, it is concluded that this kind of therapy is not easy, so it cannot be done at home because it follows a certain procedure wherein only licensed medical professionals can complete. All the treatment procedures must be under the supervision of a medical professional like any other treatment. The patient also must undergo several physical examinations before the procedure can be executed. So, all the related assessment that needs to be done to the patients can only be carried out by a licensed medical professional because it requires a lot of medical records and technical procedures. However, some patients prefer to do the therapy at home, so they avail of some home-based chelation kits, which can be purchased over-the-counter. Please take note that doctors actually do not recommend this as it may cause more health problems to the patients. So, some practitioners recommend a kind of passive chelation through supplements like Root Clean Slate.

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