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What Are the Benefits Your Cat Can Gain from a Detox?


Though we may not see them, toxins are everywhere. They are even created and found in a cat’s organs! 

If you have outdoor cats, they can get exposed to pesticides. If you have indoor cats, they can also come into contact with dangerous chemicals like those from your household cleaners.

Cats can eliminate toxins in their bodies, but a good detox will flush out all the gunk and boost their organ health.

What Happens During Detoxification 

A detox helps to remove toxins that have built up in the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, and skin of your pets. These organs are constantly detoxing the body, but they can only simultaneously process a limited amount of toxins. 

Detoxification includes feeding your cat a healthy diet and giving them nutritional supplements rich in vitamins and minerals. These support organ function so that they can more effectively break down and remove harmful substances from the body, resulting in better overall health.

There Are Many Benefits to Detoxing Your Cats

Detoxification helps fight against free radicals and hence can reduce the risk of cancer and recurrent infections.

Toxins make the body vulnerable to germs, resulting in sickness. The immune system responds by making more mucous and increasing inflammation. A detox will also help your cat’s immune system stay strong. Little toxins mean less illness, and the immune system won’t be as taxed.

Cats can overload their organs with toxins when stressed. Example causes of stress are moving to a new home or being around other pets. A detox can help prevent this accumulation of toxins and reduce the risk of senior cats developing kidney and liver diseases.

How to Remove Toxins

1. Give Your Cat Clean Drinking Water

Water is essential for your cat’s kidneys to function properly. It helps dilute toxins and makes them less concentrated and less likely to damage delicate filtration tissues. Drinking fountains that supply filtered water free of fluoride, chlorine, and mercury are highly recommended.

2. Administer Two Milk Thistle Supplements to Your Cat per Day

Silymarin is a powerful antioxidant that scavenges for free radicals and helps protect cells from oxidative stress. This compound is commonly found in a plant called milk thistle.

Milk thistle can help to improve bile flow and liver function. Vets often recommend giving two milk thistle supplements every day, but it is still best to speak to a professional about your cat’s individual detoxification requirements.

3. Use Natural Products to Clean Your Home

Your cat may be exposed to various toxins found in your home. These toxins are in cat litters, air fresheners, laundry detergent, and chemicals from household cleaning products. 

By using products that have natural ingredients, you can minimize the number of toxins your cat is exposed to. 

Regularly changing your home’s air filters can also contribute to detoxifying your cat. 

4. Schedule Some Play Time for Your Cat’s Daily Routine

Exercise helps detoxify your cat in several ways. Blood circulation and pumping fluid through the lymph are two systems responsible for eliminating toxins out of the body and are greatly improved by play sessions.

When done regularly, exercise supports the flow of organic waste through the digestive tract to prevent constipation and expel toxins before they get reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

The Bottomline

If you detox your pet regularly, you can prevent illness and give them more energy. We hope that you find the above mentioned tips helpful. 

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