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You May Be Consuming Heavy Metals in Your Daily Diet


There are heavy metals everywhere. You can find them in the foods you consume, the air you breathe, and the items you use. Although your body usually removes these hazardous metals, they can accumulate over time and cause illness. 

The good news is that some heavy metal detoxification procedures work and may make you feel more alert, focused, and energized.

In this article, we will run you through everything you need to know about the dangers of heavy metals in your diet and why you should get tested.

Is It Dangerous to Have Heavy Metals in Your Food?

Heavy metals exist naturally and through human activity. Arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury are some of the most prevalent and harmful heavy metals. 

Although you wouldn’t want to eat metal for lunch, some foods, such as brown rice and leafy green vegetables, have greater levels of heavy metals than others. As they grow, these food crops absorb heavy metals from the soil, water, and atmosphere.

Heavy metals are present in everyone’s bodies in some quantity, contributing significantly to the underlying causes of many illnesses. Heavy metals contribute to the development of fatigue, chronic headaches, autoimmune disease, thyroid difficulties, and adrenal exhaustion.

In addition to impairing insulin sensitivity and your immune system, heavy metals meddle with thyroid and adrenal functions. Heavy metals reduce their capacity to produce energy, hasten mitochondrial mortality, and increase membrane permeability, making it possible for all kinds of waste to get through the cell’s defenses.

Which Foods Commonly Have Heavy Metals in Them?

Given that some metals are almost always present at minute levels in food, you might not even know how much heavy metals you consume. For instance, vegetables grown in high-lead soil probably provide 5–10 mcg of your daily lead intake.

You may choose wisely to eat less of the following foods to lower your total exposure to heavy metals.

  • Brown rice containing arsenic
  • Fish especially farmed fish containing mercury
  • Green leafy vegetables containing cadmium
  • Unfiltered tap water containing lead from piping components

How Do You Detoxify These Heavy Metals?

Exposure to heavy metals cannot be prevented. However, this does not mean you have no options. You can assist your body in detoxifying harmful substances.

It is best to get heavy metal testing to know exactly how much metal is in your system. Here are other things you can do to detoxify while waiting for your results:

  • Sweating to get rid of toxins and replenishing the lost electrolytes with fluids
  • Taking glutathione to support the liver in breaking down these heavy metals
  • Exercise to burn fat and break down fatty tissues
  • Taking zeolite clean slate detox drops to assist the body’s natural ability to remove toxins and heavy metals

My Final Thoughts about Heavy Metals in Food

Heavy metals are present in the environment, food, and water. Although your body naturally rejects and removes heavy metals, high levels of exposure can be harmful. Getting heavy metal testing to pinpoint your levels and taking the detoxification steps above can help you feel better and healthier.

Chronic weariness and mental fog are not issues you must cope with. You’ll feel fantastic and perform better when you limit your exposure to toxins and aid your body in getting rid of the things that make you feel bad.

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