Health Advantages To Get From Zeolites

All the Health Advantages You Can Get from Zeolites


Nowadays, we see healthy fads and trends come and go. However, some do stay for longer in our lives. They prove to be effective and show results through time. A great example of this is Zeolites.

Zeolites are hydrides of alkali-aluminum silicates. They can be discovered in sedimentary and volcanic rocks. A group of hydrated aluminum silicate minerals is used as adsorbents or filters, according to Dorland’s 30th Edition Medical Dictionary. 

Read on to discover all the health advantages you can get from Zeolites.

Zeolites Detoxify the Body

Toxins and other potentially harmful substances, such as free radicals, are attracted and captured by the negatively charged cavities of zeolites. Toxins can be found in cleaning products, skincare products, food, drinking water, and the air we breathe. Toxins are expelled from the body in order for cells to function and heal. 

Zeolites Eliminate Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are introduced into the body by environmental pollutants (including food toxins), where they accumulate in organs and tissues. They tax the liver’s ability to metabolize and eliminate substances. Zeolites’ constituents have a high affinity for trapping heavy metals, in addition to lowering the risk of certain cancers and cardiovascular disease. 

Zeolites Combat Carcinogens 

Free radicals and other toxins harm cells and tissue. These cancerous cells are the start of the end. They must be healed before causing mitochondrial and nuclear DNA damage. Zeolites are useful in combat. 

Zeolites Help with Digestion 

These silicate compounds were used to treat diarrhea. They have a high affinity for ammonium ions, which prevents ammonia absorption through the intestinal walls. Zeolites protect intestinal epithelial cells from ammonia, which is a cytotoxic substance. This promotes nutrient absorption. 

Zeolites Fight Cancer

The FDA has declared zeolites to be completely safe. A rough-edged mineral with no positively charged fibrous particles. Zeolites are capable of stimulating normal physiological responses while causing no harm. 

Zeolites Balance PH Levels 

The system that keeps blood and other bodily fluids balanced is complex. The kidneys keep the body in balance by excreting hydroxide ions. It employs the use of buffers. The zeolite cage system has the potential to exchange for a wide range of excess ions found in the zeolite’s immediate surroundings. This would serve as a buffer for the surrounding system, keeping the pH close to physiological levels.

Zeolites Are a Powerful Antioxidant

Free radicals attack cell membranes first, then DNA. Antioxidants typically prevent or destroy these, but as we age or antigens become more prevalent, the antioxidant network becomes overburdened, and cells mutate, leading to cancer and tumor growth. They contribute to the antioxidant network by reducing work and interrupting the oxidative damage chain reaction. 

Zeolites Strengthen the Cardiovascular System

By impairing cell repair, oxygen-free radicals contribute to heart, blood vessel, cerebrovascular, and skeletal muscle disease. Zeolites’ cage structure may help in trapping free radicals, neutralizing them, and preventing further tissue damage. In turn, LDL platelet aggregation is prohibited.

Zeolites Improve the Immune System

The immune system uses lymphatic fluid and white blood cells to detect, inhibit, engulf, kill, and eliminate pathogens, antigens, mutagens, and carcinogens. Zeolites have antiviral properties and contribute physiologically to this process in a variety of ways. Zeolites cleanse the body, neutralize reactive oxygen species (ROS), and detect and bind pathogens in the circulatory system.


With everything that’s going on in the world, the one thing we must do is to keep ourselves healthy. We can achieve this by constantly looking out for what we consume and letting our bodies be detoxified and cleansed on a regular basis. Now that zeolites are here to help us out, it’s about time we get into the program and see what it can truly do for the longevity and quality of our bodies.

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