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The Zeolite Approach: How Much Zeolite Should I Take


To harness the power and health benefits of zeolite for detox, there are two important aspects you need to consider: quality and quantity. As the number of products on the market is quite large and they are easily available, you need to ensure that the product you choose is of good quality. As with buying any other supplement, finding out about its ingredients, processing methods, and quality controls can help you make an informed decision. Good quality essentially means high quality, and it is a common term used by many manufacturers.

However, it is not the same as the “active level,” which is commonly used by scientists. Active level means the maximum amount of a nutrient or ingredient that can actually be absorbed and utilized by the body. You need to ensure that you choose a product that has the highest possible active level.

The Traditional Approach

The traditional approach starts with using zeolite for detox from a very low dose and increasing it later on. This is how most drug treatments are started. It is very unlikely that your body will be able to handle the high dose all at once. This is the reason why your physician would start you off with a low dose, and then slowly increase it.

This kind of approach is very important especially if you are newly introduced to zeolite.

The Zeolite Approach

A better approach is to increase the dose to high levels immediately after starting the treatment. You can start from a moderate level and then increase it to high levels after a few weeks or as soon as you see improvement. This method of increasing dosage works especially well if you are using a zeolite supplement that has been processed using the rapid (five minutes) method.

It is also important that you don’t stop taking the supplement for an extended period of time when you are taking it for detox treatment.

If you have chosen to start the treatment with a high dose, then you can continue with the same dose rather than gradually increasing it. The key to success is to keep the dose high while your body adjusts to it.

The Explanation behind Dosing Zeolite

You may wonder why zeolites should be taken at a higher dose and yet still be effective and safer than a lower dose.

1. Zeolite within the Gut

There are many zeolite products in the market that claim that their particle size is small but are unable to catch the toxins in your gut. When it comes to the effectiveness of zeolite, particle size is important. When you provide a range of particle size, let’s say, 80 percent of the micron particles that have 0 to 40 mm microns and 20 percent of the micron particles that have 10 to 40 microns, then you provide the body with a complete armor of full-body detox. So, the smaller particles of zeolite are carried into your bloodstream (cellular detox) and the larger ones stay in your digestive tract as a binder. Implementing a higher dose will result in more zeolite within the gut binding to toxins.

2. Level of Affinity to Zeolite

Zeolite has a very high affinity to certain toxins, and therefore, it can stop the toxins from being absorbed by the body. This is because zeolite has a strong negative charge that attracts positively charged particles such as heavy metals, pesticides, radiation, and most toxins. So if zeolite is consumed in a higher dose, then there will be more particles into the bloodstream that will pick up heavy metals such as mercury bonded to lead. But when in low dose, the mercury will just redistribute, resulting in a detox reaction.

Final Thoughts

Zeolite has proven to be a very effective way to help detoxify your body and make you feel good. It is a natural, gentle, and inexpensive approach to detoxification that can help you get your body working correctly. If you want to take zeolite for detox, you have to be mindful of the commercial quality of the product and how you take it.

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