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Undergoing Detox: How Zeolite Cleans and Purifies Your Body

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Zeolite is used as a supplement in the nutrition market to detoxify the body. This substance is very effective in curtailing toxic compounds from the body. It is a manufactured substance that occurs when there is a chemical reaction between volcanic ash and ionic seawater.

The result is a “cage-like” structure with an overall negative charge. This crystalline structure is the basis of the supplement. When combined with the flora in your digestive tract and applied to the exterior of your cells, zeolite can detoxify your body and act as an antioxidant.

Find here other details about Zeolite and how it can help detoxify your body in an instant. Keep reading to get more ideas about the benefits of Zeolite for your body.

What Does Zeolite Work On?

Zeolite, an alkaline mineral, is highly porous which acts as a trap for many types of toxins, especially heavy metals and pesticides. Zeolite’s negative charge attracts these agents, then traps them in its structure, rendering them harmless. It holds these toxins until they can be safely excreted from the body.

What Toxins Can Zeolite Remove in Your Body?

Zeolite is a negatively charged ion, meaning that it removes toxins by acting like a magnet to draw them in. Several toxic elements are drawn out of the human body by zeolite, including:

Environmental Toxins

Our bodies are subjected to toxins and stressors daily, whether we eat a piece of rotten fruit or inhale cigarette smoke on purpose or by accident. These toxins accumulate in our systems over time, endangering our health. 

Fatigue, weight gain, foggy thinking, weaker immunity, and countless health issues are the various harmful effects of toxins accumulating in the body. Generally, these toxins have a positive charge and stick to negatively charged zeolite molecules, resulting in the safe removal of such harmful substances.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are highly toxic substances that work their way into our bodies slowly and steadily over time, ultimately weakening our body systems. To stay healthy, our bodies must work extra hard to clear these toxins from our systems.

Over time, this increased workload wears our bodies down, and we begin to feel the effects: chronic fatigue, irritation, and brain fog. One of the benefits of zeolite is that it can bind with even the tiniest traces of these heavy metals to remove them from the body.

Microbial Pathogens

Zeolites can bind to many pathogenic microbes, such as Candida Albicans and various virus hosts. Specifically, clinoptilolite zeolites have been shown to inactivate viral particles.

Furthermore, a study suggests that the antiviral activity of zeolites can inhibit viral replication, causing the incorporation of viral particles into the zeolite structures. This indicates that zeolites are capable of binding to a variety of pathogenic viruses.


Mold toxicity is becoming a major cause of various chronic severe conditions. It’s bad enough to be exposed to mold in the first place; if that happens, you’ll likely get sick. Zeolite detoxifies our body by eliminating particles efficiently.  

Final Recommendations on Detoxing

Zeolites come in various forms, with each type targeting a specific toxin or chemical. Additionally, it is important to note that zeolite is best used for long-term detoxification. For example, if you have been exposed to heavy metals and pesticides, you will want to support your body by regularly taking zeolite detoxing products

To learn more about detoxifying your body with zeolite and other fantastic supplements, check out the Zeolite For Detox page. Also, if you wish to enjoy these benefits, feel free to get zeolite supplements today.

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