9 Remarkably Effective Immune Boosting Compounds

9 Remarkably Effective Immune Boosting Compounds

It is said that your body is a temple, and if you want to be healthy and feel good, you should do everything possible to keep it in top condition. This is why many people are turning to natural compounds to help them achieve their goals. They know that the most effective way to improve the condition of their body is to boost their immune system, so they look for natural compounds that will help them do this.

There are many natural compounds that can help us to stay healthy. These compounds include herbs, vitamins, and minerals. It is important to understand that these compounds cannot replace modern medicine. These compounds can only complement modern medicine, and they may even help to improve it.

In this article, I will reveal, some of the best natural compounds found in foods and supplements that you can use to boost your immune system today.

Vitamin C

For decades, Vitamin C has been touted as an effective immune system booster. It’s even found in many common fruits. But while Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, it’s not a miracle supplement. It can only help your body in so far as it’s needed. And, while it’s certainly beneficial to have enough of it in your diet, you’ll still need to eat a healthy diet with plenty of other nutrients to get the most out of it.

Foods Rich In Vitamin C

The best way to get Vitamin C is by eating foods rich in it, such as the following:

VITAMIN C - 12 Health Benefits and 24 Vitamin C Rich Foods ...

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. It’s essential for bone health, but it also plays a role in our immune system. Vitamin D is important for many other functions too, such as muscle strength and the production of hormones.

There are many different types of vitamin D, but the most important one for your immune system is vitamin D3. The main source of vitamin D for your body is sunlight exposure. Unfortunately, that is why if you spend a lot of time indoors or in a cold environment, you’re likely to be vitamin D deficient.

Foods Rich In Vitamin D

The best way to get Vitamin D is by eating foods rich in it, such as the following:

VITAMIN D - 16 Health Benefits and 15 Vitamin D Rich Foods - Ecosh

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most important vitamins for your body. It helps to protect cells from damage, and it keeps your skin healthy. It also helps to keep your eyes healthy and supports the immune system.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin E is 15 to 20 milligrams per day for adults. The best way to get your daily dose of vitamin E is to eat foods that are high in vitamin E. You can get it in green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, kale, and collard greens. Also, you can get vitamin E in nuts and seeds, like almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. You can also get it in some supplements.


Zinc is an essential trace mineral that is a part of hundreds of proteins in our bodies. It’s important for the proper functioning of our immune system. Our body uses zinc for many different purposes, including:

Promotes wound healing
Shortens the longevity of colds
Decrease the progression of eye diseases
Lowers the symptoms of diarrhea

Foods That Contain Zinc

The best way to get zinc is by consuming foods rich in it, like the following:

Grocery Guide: 10 Foods Loaded with Zinc


A lack of Iron can cause serious problems in the body, including anemia, fatigue, and even poor mental performance. It can also lead to a weakened immune system, which can result in colds, flu, and other illnesses.

There are two types of Iron: Heme and Non-Heme. Heme Iron is found in red meat and is the type of Iron that most people think of when they hear the word Iron. The second type of Iron is Non-Heme Iron, which is found in plants and vegetables. Heme Iron has a higher absorption rate than Non-Heme Iron but can cause health risks when taken in excess. Although Non-Heme Iron is much more difficult for the body to absorb, it doesn’t cause any known health risks.

Difference Between Heme and Nonheme Iron - Pediaa.Com

Foods That Contain Iron

The best way to get Iron is by consuming foods rich in it, like the following:

Iron Rich Foods and Why We Need Them | Annapolis Pediatrics


Selenium is an essential trace mineral that helps keep your body healthy. It’s also a crucial ingredient in the production of several important hormones and enzymes. Selenium is also necessary for the proper function of the thyroid gland and helps maintain the integrity of the nervous system. Selenium is also used to treat certain forms of cancer, such as colon cancer, and is also a key component in the production of red blood cells.

Foods That Contain Selenium

The best way to get Selenium is by consuming foods rich in it, like the following:

Premium Vector | Selenium vector stock illustration food products with a  high content of the mineral tuna fish meat mushrooms shrimps brazil nuts  cashew oats bread beans information poster food diet

Beta Glucans

Beta-glucans are a type of fiber that is found in the cell walls of yeast and fungi. They have been used for thousands of years to help boost the immune system.

You may have heard of some ready-to-eat cereals touting Beta Glucans in them. This is because some cereals are made with Oat and Barely. However, keep in mind that a lot of these cereals are highly processed and although they are convenient, they are not the best for your health. 

Foods That Contain Beta Glucans

The most popular sources of Beta-Glucans are:

  • Mushrooms
  • Oats
  • Barely
  • Seaweed
  • L-Glutamine

What Is L-Glutamine?

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that plays a vital role in your body’s immune system. It is essential for the growth of healthy cells and is used by the body to produce antibodies. L-Glutamine is also used as a nutritional supplement to support the immune system and help to maintain a healthy gut lining.

Foods The Are Rich In L-Glutamine

The best way to get L-Glutamine is by consuming protein-rich foods, like the following:

The Top 10 Best Food Sources of Glutamine - DrJockers.com

Fulvic Acid

Did you know that you can get a massive boost in your immune system by taking fulvic acid? Well, you can! Fulvic Acid is a natural compound that you can get from eating certain foods, or by taking a supplement. It’s been proven to have a number of amazing health benefits, and one of the best is its ability to boost your immune system.

For decades now, farmers have been spraying crops with chemicals to increase yields, and decrease the insects from eating their crops. This has resulted in crops having 2%-3% of the bioavailable nutrients that they used to. That’s why it is highly recommended to take Fulvic Acid so that you can put back in a lot of the nutrients lost from foods over the prior decades.

You do however need to be very careful not to just buy any Fulvic Acid supplement, as Fulvic Acid can be tainted with toxic heavy metals that are naturally found in the soil if it is not sourced properly. Always make sure your source of fulvic acid is tested rigorously for impurities. If you would like to be pointed in the right direction, you can read our guide on the best fulvic acid supplements for immune health.

My Final Thoughts

Fortunately, there are a lot of overlapping compounds found in foods, such as Mushrooms. They are rich in Vitamin D, as well as Beta Glucans. So I highly suggest you incorporate these foods into your diet on a daily if not a regular basis.

However, it can be difficult to keep track of and constantly consume all these compounds, that’s why many folks opt to supplement. Although it can be expensive if you have to find supplements for every single one of these natural compounds. At the very least consider supplementing with Fulvic Acid as it can be difficult to obtain adequate and in pure amounts.

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