Everyday Items In Your Home With Toxic Heavy Metals

7 Everyday Items in Your Home with Toxic Heavy Metals


When given the option to steer clear of anything toxic, we’d usually take the chance. However, there are some unavoidable things that are laced with heavy metals even without our knowledge, lied down on, or used every day. It’s important to be more aware of these items and try to explore ways of detoxifying your body regularly.

Going through detox can allow you to use the household items while still avoiding some of the negative effects that certain heavy metals can bring forth. After all, too much exposure can result in fatigue in the long run. At worst, people can experience immune system dysfunctions and nervous system disorders.

Here are seven common everyday items that contain toxic heavy metals and homeowners should be wary of.

1) Furniture and Mattress

Furniture and mattresses painted with lead paint or coloring contain toxicants. Furniture that’s been painted with latex paint also has higher levels of toxic heavy metals, as opposed to those that are made with enamels or water-based paints. This can be very dangerous as children are more susceptible to lead poisoning, even with small amounts.

2) Carpets and Other Floor Coverings

Carpets, as well as other floor coverings, have a tendency to absorb toxic substances and heavy metals. However, the level of absorption depends on the quality of the floor covering. Low-quality carpets made with synthetic fibers tend to contain lead, cadmium and mercury, which are among the eight RCRA-monitored metals.

3) Plates, Bowls, and Utensils

Plates, bowls, and other kitchen utensils made from melamine used to prepare food can contain lead and cadmium, which are toxic heavy metals. When burned, melamine releases toxic chemicals that can be absorbed into the human body. Although in limited amounts, melamine can cause acute renal failure.

4) Drinking Mugs and Cups

Unfortunately, just like with furniture, ceramic mugs and cups are painted with lead-based paint and pigments despite being a part of your household since they are very popular and widely used. Lead is released into liquids, making it more dangerous than other heavy metals and toxicants.

5) Drinking Water

Drinking water supplied to homes through old pipes can include lead and other heavy metals. Although your water company can provide information about the quality of the water, homeowners should be vigilant and regularly check for any changes. Water from the refrigerator’s water dispenser also tends to contain lead, but in lesser amounts.

6) Beauty Products

Some beauty and hygiene products contain heavy metals, even when labeled as organic. Beauty and hygiene products usually contain a variety of toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, and cadmium. Even though these occur naturally, they still pose a health risk when absorbed through your skin.

7) Hair Care Products

Certain hair care products like hair dyes and hair straightening products can also be laced with toxic heavy metals. This is because the cosmetics are made with synthetic chemicals that are mixed with heavy metals. Other hair care products like gels, varnishes, and the like can also contain lead.

My Final Thoughts on Toxic Household Items

The presence of heavy metals and toxicants in household items is inevitable. Most of the time, the levels are within safe limits and the effects are limited to fatigue. However, it’s better to be cautious and to do a detox once in a while.

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