Know About The Benefits Of Zeolite (Part 1)

What You Need to Know About the Benefits of Zeolite (Part 1)


Zeolites are a group of minerals made from layers of silicon, oxygen, and either aluminum, potassium, or calcium. Sodium, iron, and manganese can also be found in some zeolites. It’s highly porous, which allows it to attract positively charged toxins and carry them out of the body.

How Zeolite Works

The structure of zeolite provides a large internal surface area. Its microstructure increases the surface area by 10 to 15 times the surface area of other minerals such as silica. Because of this, it absorbs 100 times the toxic heavy metals per gram than other substances, such as bentonite clay. Depending on the variety, zeolite can absorb up to 50 percent of its weight in positively charged substances.

They are approximately 70 percent air. This air space allows the ionic attraction/repulsion force to work at a larger surface area than other substances, allowing it to attract and carry out more toxins. Depending on the ionic charge, the ion can be attracted to or repelled by the zeolite structure. Some areas of the zeolite are negatively charged and attract positively charged ions, while other parts are positively charged, repelling negative ions from the structure. This is the ionic attraction/repulsion force.

How Zeolite Heals Your Body

Zeolites are considered a natural detoxifying agent because they speed up the removal of toxic waste from the body at an astounding rate. If a substance is mildly toxic, it will be removed within minutes. If the substance is more poisonous, the removal takes place in hours. Also, if the substance is heavier than the zeolite, it will be absorbed and taken out of the body through the intestinal tract. 

Here are some of the few things that zeolite will bind to inside your body:

Harmful Pathogens

activate macrophages, which are important for the destruction of harmful microorganisms. Zeolites can absorb viruses, bacteria, yeast, and other harmful pathogens, allowing the body to destroy them. It’s been proven to destroy the “flesh-eating bacteria” and candida. It will also help fight infections from conventional antibiotics.

Radioactive Materials

Zeolites have a high negative charge, which attracts positively charged molecules, and contains them until they are drawn out of the body. Radioactive isotopes have a positive ionic charge, so they are attracted to the negatively charged air space in zeolites.

Environmental Toxins

The toxic substances we are exposed to every day, including pesticides and herbicides, can be trapped by zeolite. This makes it a wonderful detoxifying agent, useful for people worried about environmental health and food safety. This includes chemicals, heavy metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium, as well as chemicals and pesticides. 

Heavy Metals and Toxic Chemicals

Zeolites have a very high negative charge, which attracts positively charged ions and binds them until they are released into the colon. Zeolites attract and immobilize heavy metals and other toxins, keeping them in the gastrointestinal tract until they are eliminated from the body naturally.


Zeolites are a wonderful way to remove toxins from our bodies, protecting us from a variety of potentially harmful substances. It has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine, as a way to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. It is a natural way to remove a variety of toxins and free radicals that are produced in our bodies.

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