3 Myths About Detoxification And The Truths Behind Them

3 Myths about Detoxification and the Truths behind Them


We’ve all heard horror stories about the side effects of a cleanse: headaches, nausea, and irritability. They can even cause diarrhea. When conventional wisdom tells us to detox, we look forward to these symptoms. Even worse, these side effects deprive us of our most vital organ, the liver.

According to conventional wisdom, a cleanse is supposed to help the liver process toxins, which makes these side effects even more devastating.

However, what if that’s not true? If you prefer to forego the ‘no pain, no gain’ theory of sports, you might already know that there are health benefits to being without stress.

In this article, we explore three of the most important myths about the detox cleanse process.

Myth #1: Detox Will be Painful

Most detox cleanses methods carry warnings about possible side effects, which are supposed to show during the first few days of your detoxifying cleanse. 

It is known as a Herxheimer reaction, and the detox symptoms are associated with the body ridding itself of toxins.

The detoxification reaction is characterized by flu-like symptoms, including headaches, body aches, fatigue, chills, and nausea.

Besides that, toxins are released into the bloodstream. The body recognizes them as invaders, causing inflammation and making you feel like you’re fighting off an infection.

That is true of active detoxification, in which we deliberately stress the body’s detoxification pathways, such as the liver, kidneys, skin, and lungs. The problem is that we overload the system, putting it into chaos.

This is bad because it forces us to release chemicals and toxins that would otherwise be sequestered; it is also wrong because we release them into the bloodstream, then take them out of circulation and sequester them in other places.

Myth #2: It Is Ineffective If You Don’t Feel Anything

Detoxifying by taking the form of zeolite is a passive approach. For people used to more aggressive detox programs, this may seem flat by comparison. However, no detox cleanse side effects do not mean nothing is happening. Dealing with a chronic hoarder is a gradual process. It takes time to clean up their yard.

It’s a matter of removing layers of these toxins from your house. Think of eliminating your yard’s extra refrigerators, toilets, and car parts. It’s just what you’ve accumulated over time, but if you remove all of that extra stuff, it makes a difference. 

The main changes we notice are better sleep, and increased energy as the non-toxic, water-soluble zeolite rids our pineal glands of calcification caused by heavy metals and environmental toxins. Our mood improves, and we can function better, but the improvements seem to vary widely depending on the level of contamination we have to start with.

Myth #3: One Cycle Is Enough

One misconception about detoxification is that you can detox cleanse aggressively and never have to go through the process again. 

This idea, which is still widely believed, is simply untrue. You cannot remove toxins from your system in just one cleanse. However, detoxing less aggressively, combined with a diet focused on whole foods and plenty of exercises, can also be very effective for improving your health.

It’s also vital to avoid detoxing too aggressively, as you can stir up toxins that are re-sequestered and stored in your body. To eliminate these harmful toxins, drink plenty of water with a soluble zeolite supplement.

Slowly removing those more oversized items takes time, like cleaning your house–sometimes you can clean up the whole house in a couple of weeks, and sometimes it takes a few months. Taking a slow detox cleanse makes it safer for your body and less stressful. 

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c Remember, bad detoxes are not only bad for your health, but they are also bad for the environment!

To begin your detox cleanse, consider using a water-soluble zeolite like Root Clean Slate, a detoxing supplement that can keep your body healthy and pristine. It won’t cause extreme detox reactions and will gently remove heavy metals and other harmful toxins from your body. To order, contact us today.

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