Pure Planet Fulvic Zeolite Review | Is It Legit?

Pure Planet Fulvic Zeolite Review | Is It Legit?

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Pure Planet’s Fulvic Zeolite supplements combine two natural substances used individually by various cultures for centuries. Each offers its own set of benefits, but when combined, they become even more potent than they are separate. 

Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Pure Planet, Matthew Hirst, explains: “The main benefit of combining zeolite with fulvic acid is that it creates a broader range of minerals and vitamins that the body can use. 

Both zeolite and fulvic acid are prebiotics, meaning they’re foods for bacteria—not for us, like vitamins and minerals from other foods. In this case, the prebiotics goes to beneficial bacteria in our gut called probiotics.”

What Is Supercharged Activated Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acid is a type of organic acid that plants and bacteria produce. The acid is purified, water-soluble, and semi-conductive, which can support electrical conductivity. There is still a lot to be learned about fulvic acid, but there is some evidence that it may have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, among other things.

Supercharged Activated Fulvic Acid is often extracted from soil and clay and found in trace amounts in purified water, plants, and food. Some claim that fulvic acid can be extremely helpful in treating various diseases and ailments, but there is no scientific consensus on these claims.

What Is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral used to clean purified water, improve mineral retention, and enhance crop production. It can detox negatively charged minerals from the body to promote a healthy immune system. Pure Planet uses a specific type of zeolite called clinoptilolite that has been tested for safety and is FDA-approved.

Clinoptilolite is known to have a high cation exchange capacity, which means that it can hold many different minerals. Some clinical studies suggest that Zeolite can treat various health conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. There is some evidence that zeolite may be helpful for weight loss, but more research is necessary before reaching a conclusion.

What Is Pure Planet Fulvic Zeolite?

Pure Planet Fulvic Zeolite is the highest-quality zeolite product available. One of nature’s dramatic natural processes, this organic detoxifier was created when volcanic lava reacts with cooling water. The Earth’s crust was almost 5000 feet below the surface when overheated magma from over 100 million years ago erupted, rushing to the sea where it was rapidly cooled. 

Over time, it evolved into a distinct and potent structure called zeolite, which demonstrated to be capable of pulling heavy metals and harmful substances out of the body while also aiding in stabilizing the body’s pH level.

Furthermore, the zeolite is incorporated into the molecular build of fulvic acid using their sophisticated technique. It is now harmoniously blended, stable, and easily absorbed into our chemical matrix. 

Zeolite can be applied daily to assist in detoxifying the tissue and blood of humans and animals subjected to heavy metals and poisons. The effects on heart disease, autism, Parkinson’s disease, digestion, vitality, mental clarity, and immunity can be substantial.

Benefits of Pure Planet’s Fulvic & Zeolite Formulation

The product has two main ingredients that work wonderfully to benefit the body. Supercharged Activated Fulvic Acid has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. It contains trace minerals that are necessary for cellular health. Zeolite is a mineral with a high cation trade capacity that may retain various minerals. It also has antioxidant properties.

Apart from that, it also helps to:

  • Balance pH levels
  • Assist in the reduction of positively charged toxins and heavy metals
  • Support a healthy immune function
  • Aid in normal detoxification

Is There a Risk of Side Effects?

Pure Planet’s Fulvic & Zeolite supplements have not been reported to cause any side effects. However, since some of the products are not FDA-approved, it is essential to speak with a doctor before taking them. 

People with a known allergy to any of the ingredients in the supplements, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people under 18 years of age should consult a doctor before taking them.

Who Should Use Pure Planet’s Fulvic Zeolite?

 fulvic acid, few negatively charged minerals,  dietary supplement, cleansing or detox regimen, green drink

Pure Planet’s Fulvic & Zeolite supplements are consumable daily, so they can be used by anyone who wants to improve their health. The accessories are perfect for anyone looking to add minerals, vitamins, and probiotics to their diet. 

People who are struggling to maintain a healthy weight, those who want to prevent diabetes, and those who want to lower their blood pressure may benefit from the vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in the supplements.


Hold three drops under the tongue for 10 seconds before swallowing or mixing with drops with any juice or purified water thrice daily. Begin with one drop three times a day and slowly increase to three drops for two weeks. It produces the best results when mixed with a green drink.


Pure Planet Fulvic & Zeolite includes ultra-cleansed natural and ultra-micronized purified clinoptilolite zeolite, supercharged activated fulvic acid, humic acid, and DHQ. (dihydroquercetin). It also has M-Water, “purified water,” 72 naturally emerging trace minerals, and 12 found phytonutrients, amino acids, micro-nutrients, and macro-nutrients naturally. 

As natural preservatives, citric acid and potassium sorbate have been added. Each sample is also a third-party lab checked to ensure the product is safe.

About Pure Planet

 fulvic acid, few negatively charged minerals,  dietary supplement, cleansing or detox regimen, green drink

“Delicious Meals for a Healthy Way of life.” Pure Planet creates novel techniques to keep their nutrients 100% pure, with no fillers, additives, or GMOs. With each Pure Planet supplement you take, you know what you’re getting: Mother Nature creates 100% pure whole foods, not a scientist in a lab.

100% Pure Superfoods. From Nature to You.

David Sandoval has dedicated his life to assisting people in feeling better, living longer, and being healthier via the use of whole foods. He not only owns Pure Planet, but he also lives it! If you want to know how serious Pure Planet is about encouraging well-being, then ask Dave, Pure Planet’s CEO and perfectionist. 

He spread his message worldwide by publishing articles, hosting and starring on radio shows, giving seminars and lectures, and inventing breakthrough products used by cancer therapy facilities, top health food companies, and the nutrition industry’s most well-known figures. Dave’s enthusiasm and dedication are at all Pure Planet enterprise levels.

Pure Planet Promise

They have crossed the globe for the most organic ingredients for their goods. Moreover, they are 100% pure, containing no bindings or fillers, preservatives or additions, chemicals, or GMOs that mother nature intended. In tune with nature, in tune with your body.

The Pure Planet Team

Pure Planet’s CEO is a thought leader in the sector. They make their products and have an on-site quality control lab. A full-time naturopath is on staff and prepared to assist with all of your inquiries. Likewise, there’s a Professional Sales and Support Staff to give unrivaled service.

Super Foods Source

You need to realize where to search. Pure, unadulterated foods abounding in nature might be difficult to locate in the store. Even natural foods and supplements include synthetic substances created in laboratories to mimic plant compounds that give our bodies the tools they need to heal. 

Pure Planet offers nature’s most incredible healing superfoods, laying the groundwork for well-being with whole food supplements made entirely by mother nature rather than chemicals. Their whole food vitamins are completely natural—every single time.

Pure Planet Past and Present

Before Pure Planet, they were folks like you looking for the most significant vitamins for optimal wellness and health. The company made its own when it couldn’t locate vitamins that satisfied its stringent specifications. 

They then began to share them with others. Pure Planet has expanded from its original ambition to be acknowledged worldwide as a pioneer in wholefood nutrition while being a family-owned business. Furthermore, they are genuinely concerned about their consumers’ health and well-being.

What You Read Is What You Get

Do you want to learn what’s inside the Pure Planet supplement? Simply read their complete transparency statement. You’ll find only natural components that are 100% pure. Binders, fillers, additives of any type, processing or tableting aids, and genetically engineered substances are not permitted. 

Pure Planet is the only company with a complete line of wholefood vitamins that can make and back this claim. That is a healthy food with which you may live and thrive!

How Does Pure Planet Fulvic Zeolite Help?

positively charged toxins, fulvic acid, gluten free, healthy immune system, electrical conductivity, balance ph levels

When your home has mold in the vents, it can cause sick building syndrome. If you’ve ever tried using zeolite, you already know that it can assist the body in cleansing from mold toxicity.

While waiting for the vents to be cleaned, take a few drops from the product and watch how your symptoms of coughing, rash, sore throat, painful strained feeling, and eyes stuffiness, – subside within 3-4 days.

It’s unusual that a product performs something to demonstrate its effectiveness, and this is one of the few that does. The only disadvantage is that when using 13 drops, the container doesn’t last 30 days but rather 15-20 days. According to customers’ experience, anyone with mold in their home or workplace can take this until they’re satisfied.

People are sometimes cautious at first because they’ve never used a zeolite pill before, but after studying other types, they realized it’s best to opt for this one. Some folks have said that their eczema cleared up shortly after taking their first bottle. The only drawback is that the container only lasts just several days. This is the deciding factor whether the product works or not.

If you have IBS, gastroparesis, or acid reflux and have never undergone a detox before, you should be curious about how this product will work. People can feel less sluggish and have more energy and mental clarity throughout the day. Women would no longer experience headaches or lower back pain during menstrual cycles.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing this product and trying it out, don’t be, since it works wonders. The product tastes fantastic in filtered water, and it’s refreshing to do it in the mornings and evenings. You can expect to lose weight by reducing coffee consumption following a fulvic and zeolite intake.

This Pure Planet product works wonders against allergies. It is perfect for kids who don’t want to feel the taste of this dietary supplement. Once you place a few drops in water, it suddenly becomes tasteless.

You can expect your allergies to improve when you do detoxes, fasts, and your cleansing or detox regimen. Moreover, this product helps detox your system allowing your natural immune to do what it needs to do, which may benefit your general health.

People don’t expect the dramatic effects the product can do, but it will surely change your life forever. Older people may assume that their forgetfulness is due to old age. Even with Ritalin, most have trouble remembering what they will do. However, when using this Pure Planet product, they can expect to remember everything they want.

Now, getting out of the house is no longer unsafe, and walking around wherever you want. Moreover, the product can treat yeasty skin problems that your doctor can’t identify. With this product, you can finally enjoy your morning coffee and be more aware and functional throughout the day.

Are There Any Better Alternatives To The Pure Planet Fulvic Zeolite?

There are a couple of alternatives worth mentioning that could possibly give you a similar detoxing experience or even better.

Root Trinity Pack

My favorite full-spectrum detox so far has been the Root Trinity Pack. It is really designed to cleanse your body of toxins while simultaneously putting the good things in that make you feel incredible, and allow your own body to finally heal itself instead of being bogged down by a plethora of toxins. If you truly want a remarkable detox experience, this is what you need to try.

Fulvic Minerals+

Fulvic Minerals+ is a great solution if you don’t have the budget for the Root Trinity Pack. It is a simple and affordable way to systemically detox your body from head to toe. If you would like to try Fulvic Minerals+ I have a special offer where you can get it for $55 off.

Medical Disclaimer

The FDA has not reviewed these comments. Furthermore, the purpose of this product is not to diagnose, cure, treat, or avoid any disease. Individual outcomes from using these products may differ and are not promised. 

Before beginning any fitness or nutritional supplement plan, using these products during maternity, or if you suffer from a severe health condition, please check with your doctor. Keep out of the reach of youngsters and in a cold, dry location.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a natural way to improve your health, Pure Planet’s Fulvic & Zeolite supplements may be worth trying. Fulvic and zeolite are natural substances that, alone or together, can improve several health aspects.

While there is no scientific consensus on some of their claimed benefits, there is evidence of their potential to improve health, which is why Pure Planet has combined them in a potent supplement.

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