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Root Clean Slate Heavy Metal Detox Review | A Closer Look at This Promising Product

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The buildup of heavy metals in the human body is often the result of exposure to industrial chemicals, water, food, or other sources that, in excess, could lead to heavy metal poisoning. Although some heavy metals, such as iron, zinc, chromium, copper, and manganese, are essential for healthy bodily function, elevated levels can be dangerous.

Heavy metals can enter your body in a variety of ways. You can take them in by ingesting them, breathing them in, or absorbing them through the skin. 

A heavy metal detox can help prevent a number of chronic illnesses in those who have modest but frequent exposure to heavy metals, which can accumulate in the body, causing neurological, cardiovascular, kidney disorders, and more.

Zeolites are one of the most effective compounds to help remove toxins and detox your body from excess heavy metals. Clean Slate uses zeolites to offer an effective detoxing method. Read our Root Clean Slate review if you’re wondering whether this product is right for you.

What Are Zeolites?

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The term “zeolite” comes from the Greek words ‘zeo’ (to boil with heat) and ‘litos’ (a stone). It is essentially a volcanic, essential trace mineral that is formed when lava and volcanic ash react with seawater over time. This leads to the formation of a negatively charged compound with a solid “cage-like” form, known as zeolite.

Volcanoes are one of the most significant sources of toxic elements released into the environment. However, we know that nature has a way of healing itself and provides the cleanup solution for its toxic waste in the form of zeolites.

Clinoptilolite, a form of zeolite, has been found to be one of the most effective minerals that help remove environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, from the body and the environment. It has a hexagonal molecular structure that gives it the ability to act as a filter.

The truth is that clinoptilolite has been used for centuries for air filtration, water filtration, and a number of remediation projects to remove toxins from the environment. Because of the mineral’s ability to bind to compounds such as ammonia and nitrates, it has also been used in agriculture and cat litter.

Clean Slate uses clinoptilolite as a form of detoxification, but instead of using natural clinoptilolite as a powder in its natural form, the company has taken it a step further and broken apart the mineral’s hexagonal structure to make it water-soluble and small enough to enter the body’s cells, where it can remove toxins more effectively.

How Does Zeolite Work?

Because zeolite is a negatively charged, porous substance, and most contaminants, such as radiation, heavy metals, and pesticides, have a positive charge, zeolite molecules attract them and draw them into its solid structure.

Zeolites Remove Persistent Volatile Organic Compounds

Root Clean Slate’s Clinoptilolite Drops have zeolite molecules that are small enough to travel past the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. To prevent several health problems, they can bind to and effectively remove persistent volatile organic compounds, such as bacterial bio toxins, organic pollutants, and more.

These harmful compounds get trapped in the mineral’s cage-like structure and are transported safely out of the body, making it a passive systemic removal method.

The Many Benefits of a Heavy Metal Detox

heavy metal detoxification

If you’ve never done a heavy metal detox before, you’re probably wondering whether it is beneficial and what changes you can expect. Here are some of the key benefits that you get with Clean Slate Zeolite Drops.

It Removes Environmental Toxins Help to Treat a Number of Health Problems

Studies have found that many diseases, including kidney disease, bone damage, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, the growth of cancer cells, and more, are caused by a buildup of toxins and heavy metals in the body.

Over time, these metals can cause oxidation at a cellular level, which causes damage to the surrounding tissues, and stimulates the body’s inflammatory response. Therefore, by removing these toxins, Clean Slate supports the prevention of these diseases and health problems.

These Clinoptilolite Drops remove the following toxins from the body:

  • Bacterial bio toxins
  • Plastic residues
  • Insecticides and pesticides commonly used to preserve fruit and vegetables
  • Toxins from yeasts and molds
  • Viral particles
  • Carcinogens

It Functions as a Natural Immunity Booster

The reality is that heavy metals and toxins can put a significant burden on the immune system. This means that instead of fighting invading bacteria and viruses, your immune system will be fighting to remove these toxic materials.

By using Clean Slate’s zeolite clinoptilolite drops, you can effectively remove toxic waste and ease the burden on your immune system.

Positive Effect on the Endocrine System

The hypothalamus and pineal glands act in tandem to control the body’s hunger, thirst, and sexual desire. It also regulates the body’s “biological clock,” hormone levels, circadian rhythms, cortisol levels, and its potential for physical endurance.

Because the endocrine system’s most sensitive structure is the pineal gland, heavy metals, particularly fluoride, can make it very susceptible to damage. One of the most common causes of pineal gland malfunction is calcification. Fluoride transports aluminum to the brain, where it accumulates in the pineal gland.

Zeolite Has The Potential To Decalcify The Pineal Gland

Phosphate crystals grow in the gland as a result of this process. Because of this, the gland will harden, producing less melatonin and disrupting normal functions.

To activate and restore your pineal gland, you must remove excess aluminum and fluoride from the brain. When this gland’s activity is disrupted, it can cause a variety of symptoms such as exhaustion, sleeplessness, depression, and other mental illnesses. 

Restoring Lost Energy

When you remove heavy metals from your body, you can expect to have more energy. This is because, when your body’s cells are full of toxins, it uses all its resources to remove them. However, if you use zeolite as part of your health regimen to manage heavy metal toxicity, you will have more energy to use in daily activities.

Improvement in Mental Health and the Continuity of Electrical Impulses

Heavy metals can cross the blood-brain barrier easily. Although the accumulation of toxic metals is harmful wherever they are found in the body, the brain is particularly sensitive to them. Electrical nerve signals continuously move between the nerve cells in the brain, which is how brain cells communicate and work together to regulate bodily processes.

This system operates efficiently and reliably in normal brain tissue. However, an electrical short circuit occurs if the neurons are surrounded by brain tissue that is contaminated with heavy metals.

These metals deplete the electrical impulses, similar to how your vehicle’s headlights deplete a battery if you leave them on overnight. When our brain’s electrical impulses are affected in this way, it can disrupt normal functions, which can lead to disorders like depression.

Removing toxins can therefore restore your nervous system’s natural impulses.

Antimicrobial Benefits

Clinoptilolite is a great supplement for removing heavy metals and even nuclear radiation particles from the body. However, it’s also a potent antimicrobial agent with the ability to kill even the most dangerous pathogens. This is because it binds to these microorganisms and can even help balance your gut microbiome by removing harmful bacteria.

What Is Root Clean Slate?

The truth is that environmental toxins are everywhere, and there’s no escaping them. Currently, the average American is exposed to approximately 80,000 toxins each day. Root Clean Slate is a health and wellness company that supports healthy living through detoxification and proper nutrition.

The company uses a zeolite called clinoptilolite to bind to and remove toxins from the body. Its goal is to get to the root of many diseases and illnesses that are caused by a toxic buildup. Root Clean Slate’s three flagship products are:

  • Zeolite Clinoptilolite Detoxification Drops
  • Zero In Capsules – brain chemistry regulating capsules for improving mental health
  • Restore – a product that supports good gut health

A Health and Wellness Company Created by Experts

All products from the Root brand are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. Clayton Thomas and his wife and partner, Dr. Christina Rahm Cook, Ph.D., have experience in nutraceuticals, sales, the distribution of medical devices, consumer science, research, and many patents and proprietary formulations.

Together, the duo formed the Root scientific team of experts to create ultimate all-natural solutions to common ailments plaguing mankind.

root clean slate detox review
Dr. Christina Rahm Cook’s Book Is Available On The Root Brands Website

The brand was created on four fundamental values: education, simplicity, integrity, and authenticity, to inspire people to improve their lives with effective solutions and a more in-depth understanding of holistic wellness.

Root Clean Slate Ingredients

Nothing compares to Clean Slate when it comes to detoxifying support. To create this product, Root developed a proprietary polarization and fracking method, and it spares no expense when it comes to the quality of its products.

Clinoptilolite Fragments

Clean Slate creates a mixture of micronized trace mineral fragments with a substantial quantity of bioavailable silicon dioxide using natural clinoptilolite derived from one of the world’s purest mines. These mines offer 97 percent clinoptilolite and three percent bentonite.

Silica is a trace element that gives your connective tissues, such as skin, cartilage, bone, tendons, blood vessels, and hair, added flexibility, fluidity, and strength. Moreover, silica is required for the formation of collagen, the most prevalent protein in the human body.

The Root team took clinoptilolite and created a formula that delivers every advantage of the natural crystal through silicon dioxide by incorporating the characteristics of clinoptilolite with nanotechnology bioengineering.

Fortified with Trace Minerals

It is important to fortify the body with trace minerals while eliminating contaminants from cellular binding sites. This is why the company adds minerals from the Great Salt Lake. The inclusion of vitamin C improves membrane permeability and offers better stability.

Root Clean Slate Side Effects

Because this is an all-natural product, there aren’t many side effects. Clinoptilolite is generally recognized as safe and is classified as a food additive by the FDA. It has no negative side effects and causes no allergic responses.

The product works by removing harmful pollutants. This passive elimination of toxins permits the body to do some amazing things. As a result, any “impact” you perceive as bad may simply be your body’s attempt to clear up some of the waste inside of you.

However, you should keep in mind that it can cause dehydration, so you must ensure that you drink enough water throughout the day when using these drops.

Is Root Clean Slate Legit, and Does It Really Work?

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If you’re wondering whether Root brand products are, in fact, legitimate, then you’ll be happy to know that they are. The company is a legitimate business run by a team of scientific experts.

It focuses on providing natural solutions to support the proper functioning of bodily systems, and all its products are backed by science. A study into the effects of zeolite in practical applications found the mineral to be effective at removing toxins from the body, supporting Clean Slate’s claims that its product is effective.

Moreover, there have been several positive reviews from customers who found the Zeolite Clinoptilolite Drops quite effective.

Root Clean Slate Testimonials

One review on the blog Meet Caleb Wright included several testimonials of the people the writer was able to help using this product. Many of the people mentioned in the post saw some of their symptoms of fatty liver disease disappear completely.

Another account indicated that the drops helped a customer improve their quality of sleep, while another saw improvements in their symptoms associated with Lyme disease. One customer even reported finding relief from multiple sclerosis!

While there aren’t many reviews online, it is essential to note that the product is relatively new to the market, and it does take time to see results. As this brand continues to expand, there will undoubtedly be an influx of positive testimonials.


Toxins are everywhere. They’re in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. These toxins and heavy metals can cause serious disruptions to normal bodily function. This is why detoxification is becoming so popular.

Heavy metal toxicity can cause a number of serious illnesses, often disrupting your sleep patterns, increasing inflammation, and putting strain on your immune system. You can take control of your health today using zeolite crystals!

At Zeolite for Detox, we are committed to providing you with information that is factual and helping you take control of your health using natural means.

If you want to have a remarkable detox experience, you should give Clean Slate Zeolite Clinoptilolite Drops a try to rid your body of heavy metals and toxins. Visit our bonus page today to access bonuses and special offers on this incredible product!

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