Reasons Exercise Is A Natural Detox Cleanse Your Body Needs

Reasons Exercise Is a Natural Detox Cleanse Your Body Needs


Many people believe sweating is the key to detoxifying the body, but the real power lies in the exercise itself. Exercise is what helps us get rid of environmental toxins. Through physical activity, we can increase our circulation, which helps move toxins from the body’s cells and organs to the skin, which can be released through sweat.

A recent research project at McGill University’s Office for Science and Society found that when a person sweats two liters during 45 minutes of strenuous exercise, the levels of environmental toxins released into their sweat are incredibly low. Comparatively, this amount is just .02 per cent of the toxins we ingest daily from food and other sources. So, even during a vigorous workout session, the amount of toxins we release is insignificant compared to the amount we take in.

The positive effects of regular exercise are undeniable—being physically active can help flush out toxins from your body. Exercise increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, and helps you lose weight, meaning fewer fat cells to store toxins. These processes all work together to give your body a natural detox cleanse. Here are valid reasons why:

Better Circulation

When we exercise, our bodies are in motion. Our hearts beat faster and pump more blood to our muscles and organs, providing them with more oxygen. The lymphatic system also works harder, circulating more fluid to remove toxins and waste products from our bodies and delivering them to the liver and kidneys to be processed and eliminated. This can result in needing to urinate more.

Getting rid of toxins in our bodies is an important process, and it can be done by peeing, pooping, and breathing out air. After doing something like jogging, our bodies usually get rid of more toxins than usual, which means they were already in our system before we were active.

Minimized Inflammation

When our body’s defense mechanisms cannot properly manage and eliminate the toxins, the inflammation can become chronic and long-lasting. In this case, the immune system continues to respond to the area even after the initial threat has been addressed, leading to persistent inflammation. This can negatively affect our health and well-being.

Today’s world is exposed to many chemicals, such as pesticides, flame retardants, and PCBs. These substances enter our bodies and are stored in our fatty tissues. This leads to our cells being in a constant state of defense and has both short and long-term health effects. Exercise is a great detox cleanse that eliminates these pollutants from our cells and reduces inflammation, allowing our bodies to be healthier.

Less Body Fat

Fat cells act as a stockpile for harmful chemical substances in the environment. Research from the National Institute of Health revealed that overweight individuals have a significantly higher amount of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) than those with a lower body mass index. After losing a considerable amount of weight within a year, the POP levels of the test subjects decreased by 15 percent. A less radical alternative to reduce the levels of these toxins is to exercise regularly and burn fat over a longer period.

Final Thoughts on Exercise as Detox

While yes, diet is 80 percent of a healthy lifestyle; you can’t ignore the 20 percent that is working out. Combined, a proper diet and active lifestyle will flush out those harmful toxins faster and keep you in the pink of health!

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