Role Of Zeolites In The Detoxification Process

What Is the Role of Zeolites in the Detoxification Process?


Zeolite is a type of mineral with an unusual crystalline structure. Because of its crystalline structure, it has unique physical and chemical properties. For example, it absorbs and releases water to reach a weight of 30% – 50% water. This quality makes it useful in domestic water purifiers.

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What Is the Role of Zeolites in the Detoxification Process?

Zeolites have a negative ion and a positive ion, and they attract this ion. If a water molecule happens to have positive ions, they are attracted by the positive ions in the zeolite, and negative ions are released by the zeolite.

The compound produced by the formation of positive ions and negative ions is known as an electrolyte. There are other factors that are also involved, and the final electrolyte depends on the formula of the water.

Water that has been filtered this way is known as electrolyzed reduced water. This water has a positive ion density ten times higher than that of natural water. The water filters are created by taking advantage of the unique properties of zeolite.

Zeolite and its effect on water

There are many types of zeolite, and each has unique properties in terms of hardness, shape, and size. The crystals of zeolite have a porous structure. This structure has a lot of spaces and channels.

As a result, water molecules in the zeolite take the form of a loosely packed structure. As a result, the ions in the hydrogen and hydroxide are separated in the zeolite. The process of overcoming the affinity of water is called deionization.

If we look at the crystal structure of the zeolite, we see that it has a three-dimensional channel. The channel of the zeolite has an 80-micron diameter.

Water with a positive ion density of 5,000 ppm flows through the channel. At this time, the positive ion density of the water becomes zero. For this reason, the water is called reduced water.

Reduced water has a greater capacity to absorb oxygen, which enhances erythropoiesis, and it can make the oxygen to be absorbed by the human body efficiently. It also has a greater capacity to absorb carbon dioxide.

Zeolite and overall health

The benefits of zeolite are not limited to its ability to affect water. Since its porous structure has a large amount of space, it attracts and removes various types of harmful substances and heavy metals as well.

Zeolite has also been shown to support immune system health by removing harmful pathogens in the body.

Zeolite is very cheap, and its ability to remove various toxins makes it worth the investment. So, if you use the method described in this article, you will see a difference in health.


In conclusion, zeolite is a natural mineral that absorbs and removes harmful substances and heavy metals, and it improves the overall health of a person. Now you know the benefits of zeolite. If you continue to drink water from the water purifier at home, you will experience the benefits of zeolite.

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