The Many Different Toxins Zeolites Can Remove In Your Body

The Many Different Toxins Zeolites Can Remove in Your Body

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Zeolites are porous volcanic minerals that form in the earth through natural processes. After being mined, they are then crushed, sieved, and heated in a kiln to create a shelf-stable and macro-porous material that is ready to use in your water. It is odorless, tasteless, and can be used in any beverage or food, making it an effective addition to your detoxing routine.

Where Do Zeolites Come from?

Zeolites are mined from volcanic lava rock formed millions of years ago on the ocean floor. Over time, volcanic activity created a large collection of zeolites. This is due to the result of volcanic activity and is composed mainly of aluminum, silicon, and oxygen.

Zeolites are typically mined from areas where there are fumaroles and hot springs. Some of the largest deposits in the world are located in Asia and North America.

What Can You Detoxify with Zeolites?

Zeolites have a unique and natural detoxifying ability thanks to their porous trait, cage-like structure, and negatively charged ions. This means that when you ingest zeolites and they come in contact with the positively charged toxins in your body, they trap the toxins to bind with. Finally, when you expel zeolites through urine, they take those toxins with them.

Here’s a list of toxic elements that zeolites can trap:

1. Atmospheric Toxins

Zeolites are able to trap neurotoxins and other chemicals that can enter our bodies through our diet, air, and water. Firefighters, police officers, and military personnel are all at high risk of inhaling these substances. However, the average person can also come across these chemicals in daily life.

2. Heavy Metals

Zeolites attract toxic heavy metals that accumulate within our bodies. Heavy metals are toxic when ingested because they can easily accumulate, build up in your organs, and then cause cell damage and dysfunction. Zeolites are able to trap heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, and lead. 

3. Radioactive Toxins

Zeolites can even trap radioactive materials. There’s a good chance you have these materials in your body thanks to natural radiotin, radioactive tests, medical procedures, and more. If you need to remove radiation from your body, Zeolite will definitely be a big help.

4. Mycotoxins

Zeolites are able to trap mycotoxins and toxins produced by fungi. These toxins can be found in food and in storage containers, and can easily enter your body through your skin or mouth. This is the reason zeolites can also be used as a food preservative.

5. Pathogenic Microbes

Zeolites are able to trap the microorganisms that cause disease. They are effective against pathogens found in the human body such as giardia, cholera, typhoid, and salmonella. This means zeolites may actually help fight against a number of viruses.

Final Thoughts on Different Toxins

Zeolite is a potent substance that anyone can benefit from. Using Zeolite is perhaps one of the most effective ways to naturally fight the effects of environmental and dietary toxins, as well as radioactive materials. If you need help getting rid of dangerous toxins within your body, try zeolites and see for yourself the many wonders this mineral can provide.

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