How To Take Zeolite Powder? | Follow These Tips

How to Take Zeolite Powder? | Follow These Tips

how to take zeolite powder

Are you wondering about how to take zeolite powder? Follow these tips so you can get the most out of your zeolite detoxing.

A Zeolite is a mineral that has mainly silicon and aluminum compounds. They are utilized as drying agents in detergent and air and water purifiers.

This is also marketed as one of the best dietary supplements for health solutions and treats various health issues such as diarrhea, cancer, and herpes. Zeolite binds toxins and free radicals already in the digestive system before being taken in by the body. It also helps people with histamine intolerance.

It is also used to treat hangovers, balance pH, and eliminate heavy metals in the digestive systems and the whole body in general. There are many forms of zeolites, such as liquid zeolite, capsule, and zeolite powder.

Why Use Zeolite Powder?

how to take zeolite powder

There are many reasons why zeolite powder is very popular. Some of these reasons are as follows:

Complete Full Body Detox

The liquid zeolite can clean your colon and cells, helping to cleanse your body of environmental toxins without stripping the key nutrients from your body.

Keep Healthy

Liquid zeolite supplement helps alleviate brain fog, fatigue, headaches, and inflammation because of toxicity and assists optimal digestion and better gut function.

Best Way to Detoxification Using Powdered Zeolite

This exceptional mineral functions as a magnet to draw positively charged molecules and safely and gently eliminate them from your body.

Its exceptional action, as well as capability to ease digestion, assists you to gain from a detailed cleanse without unnecessary harmful effects often related to detox.

How to Take Zeolite Powder

To make the best out of the benefits the zeolite supplements offer, it is vital to know the right way of taking or using them and the proper dosage.

If this is your first to use zeolite supplements, you can take it in two different ways; orally and externally. You can try this mineral for multisystem internal detoxification or as an external skin one.

How To Take Zeolite Powder Orally

If you are planning to use Zeolite powder detox, then you need to follow this step. For cellular detox, take one teaspoon or 5 grams daily, combined with water, or your preferred and desired cold drinks like juices for at least one month—many mixes this powder in a smoothie.

If you have a serious or acute condition, take one teaspoon of zeolite powder three times a day, or it is advisable to consult a health expert or practitioner. It is important to mix well and drink right away.

Unless otherwise recommended by the doctor, you might combine ½ teaspoon of 1 gram of zeolite powder into 200ml of water, half an hour before or after eating and drink right away.

You can break it down into three doses. You can take liquid zeolite or powdered zeolite any time except late at night because you’ll be thirsty. This is also the recommended higher dose if you want to eliminate heavy metals and other toxic elements.

It depends on your needs; you can do this once or three times a day, with the utmost consumption of powder grams per day.

How To Take Zeolite Powder Externally

Some people use zeolite as a facial. It is easy to do; all you need is to follow this step.

Mix one to two tablespoons of zeolite with a small amount of water to create a paste.

Before drying, apply evenly over your face as well as check and neck if desired.

After ten minutes, rinse with warm water and mild soap. You can use it 1 or two times a week.

It is advisable to apply a moisturizer to avoid skin drying. If irritation occurs, stop using it and visit your derma.

Zeolite powder functions well synergistically if mixed with coconut oil for application as a body and face mask. You can also combine the powder with water.

Recommended Zeolite Detox Dose

To detox efficiently using this mineral, you want a relatively high dose, and if you are more toxic, you need a higher dose. It is highly recommended to begin with 15 grams of zeolite powder a day, divided into 3 days.

If everything is fine, it is recommended to stay on this dose for three months and then consider lowering the dose to five grams, consumed once per day for maintenance.

If a symptom comes up while taking 15g a day, some people have successfully alleviated their symptoms by increasing the dose to 30 to 40g a day for a while before reducing the dose.

Keep in mind that this mineral is not absorbed by the system, so you can’t overdose on it.

Zeolite Powder Dosing Explanation

There are reasons why a higher dose of zeolite powder is safer and more efficient and effective than a lower dose.

Affinity Level: This mineral has a strong negative charge, and as a result, it is attracted to the positively charged molecule. Since trace elements, heavy metals and, most toxins, pesticides, and radiation are positively charged, this mineral is pulled to the heavy metals and sucks toxins into its structure.

This is the reason why this mineral is considered effective in detox.

However, zeolite is more engrossed with specific toxic elements. For instance, it has a high affinity for metals like lead than mercury. If this mineral goes into the bloodstream and links to mercury, it goes into the bloodstream and looks for some lead.

This will drop mercury and link to lead as it is more engrossed to this heavy metal. If you consume a high dose of this mineral, there is sufficient extra zeolite that binds with the dropping mercury.

If you consume this mineral at a very low dose, the mercury might be redistributed and lead to a detox reaction.

This is one good reason why you need to keep on taking this mineral for an extended time. It might take months before this substance begins to efficiently detox heavy metals; it all depends on the number of toxins present in your body, which is the priority for this mineral.

Zeolite In Your Gut

Particle size is vital. Many zeolites out there boast a tiny particle size. However, they cannot capture heavy metals or toxins in your gut.

Rather than providing one size particle, zeolite ranges from zero to forty microns, with 80 percent of the micron being below microns and the rest from 10 to 40 microns.

The range of microns makes sure a full-body detoxification. Small zeolite particles are carried into the blood for cell detox, while the big ones stay in your digestive tract to work as a binder supplement.

Therefore, if the dosage is higher, the bigger the particles of zeolite are left in your gut to work as a binder.

Pick the Best and High Quality Zeolite Supplement

chelation therapy alternative

To maximize the benefits of zeolite, it is vital to pick the best, quality as well as effective zeolite powder.

It is also vital to take it at the required dose. Using low-quality products and taking the wrong dose can lead to negative results.

Poor quality liquid zeolite supplements lack dose, a mixture of small and large particle size, as well as the binding capability required for an effective and successful detox.

Final Thoughts

Superior and high-quality zeolite powder is a safe and effective detox tool for many toxic elements, which takes into account heavy metals, molds, environmental toxins, radioactive materials as well as pathogenic microbes.

It is very significant to make use of high-quality and superior zeolite products and not liquid at the correct dose to obtain the optimal effects.

What are the Best Liquid Zeolite Supplements Available?

There are many liquid zeolites and powdered zeolite supplements available out there, but the best-powdered zeolite supplement offered is the Root Clean Slate. There are many good reasons why it is considered the best zeolite supplementation, such as:

  • No severe detox reaction and no unwanted detox reaction.
  • Food and drug administration approved
  • Effectively eliminates heavy metals and in your digestive tract
  • Ideal for heavy metal toxicity.

In case you are currently taking a liquid zeolite, you are encouraged to give ROOT Clean Slate a try. You will surely experience a big difference, and if you’re not utilizing or considering zeolite in the past, now is the best time to try it.

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