Root Clean Slate Review | Is The Clean Slate Detox Legit?

Root Clean Slate Review | Is The Clean Slate Detox Legit?

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Are you searching for a comprehensive root clean slate review? In this blog post, I will reveal what I have discovered about this product, and whether or not I think you should give this detox supplement a shot.

The technological advancement of the world had a great effect on our lives, especially on our bodies. Human bodies are now exposed to plenty of toxins such as lead, arsenic, Fluoride, barium, and the like that we acquire from eating foods from fast-food chains, heavy laden chemicals in processed foods. Even vegetables may not be even safe to eat for it has been bombarded with a lot of insecticides and pesticides.  Almost every minute, we are battling with the harmful carcinogens in the air, chemicals from the plastic residues, and other sources that may be a major contributor of toxin exhibitor that may have an adverse effect on our bodies.

The body is one big ticking clock with no reversible mode, and everything that we put in it will eventually accumulate, which may damage the body. There is a need to have your body cleanse from these toxins and heavy metals in order to have cellular repair. There are many products in the market that you can use in detoxifying, and one product that already earned a mark in the market is the Root Clean Slate Detox and Clean Slate Drops. These are part of the ROOT brands company of which the word “root” significantly connotes that it is the source or the core of the holistic root brand regimens.

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Clean Slate Ingredients

You may check the Root Clean Slate ingredients, which include Clinoptilolite (97% clinoptilolite and 3% bentonite), silicon dioxide, or ortho-silicic acid. These ingredients are known to be active combatants that fight harmful toxins and chemicals in our bodies.

A Root Clean Slate Detox Will Nourish The Body For Cellular Renewal

While detoxifying, it also supplements the body with the necessary minerals such as the minerals from the Great Salt Lake and the necessary vitamin C to aid cellular repair.

Primarily Clean Slate has dual functions. First, it detoxifies the body from harmful chemicals and heavy metals, and second, it supplements the body with necessary minerals, vitamin C and Silica. Silica is essential in collagen formation in the body that may improve one’s skin, teeth, hair, flexibility, and body’s connective tissues. Basically, it is an effective way of beating one’s biological clock. You can defy the “aging process” by detoxifying your body.

The Root Clean Slate Detox and drops used two detoxifying methods: the Microbial and Zeolites Detox that are both considered natural ways of detoxifying. It nourishes the body as it detoxifies the body by exhibiting potent anti-microbial, which may be considered a “kryptonite” for stubborn viruses, pathogens, and bacteria as it supplies the needed nutrients to the body.

One of the Clean Slate Ingredients is the Clinoptilolite and Orthosilicic acid being a high negative charge, acts as a powerful magnet to the positively charged toxins such as metals. Once the negatively charged Clinoptilolite absorbs these positively charged toxins, it is being eliminated from the body through body waste such as urine. Thereby it does not cause any adverse impact on the body’s kidney, for it does have to filter out any toxin residue.

The Need to Get Rid of The Toxins

It is a known fact that these toxins and heavy metals may trigger serious illnesses in the body, affecting the brain. These metals, such as Mercury, Lead, Flouride, Aluminum, and other similar metals, may cause Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other related diseases. By infusing Root Clean Slate Detox and drop to your body, it will effectively get rid of these toxins and metals by acting as an agent that traps and absorbs these harmful toxins and safely removes them from your body through your body’s wastes such as urine.

Root Clean Slate Review On Inducing And Improving Sleep

root clean slate review

Sleep is essential not only for babies, toddlers, or in growing up years, but it is also important to adults in “sleep” that the body undergoes the necessary cellular repair. Inadequate sleep or having some sleeping disorders may lead to some serious health issues and, not to mention that you deprive your body of its needed cellular repair.

The Clean Slate induces sleep and improves one’s sleeping pattern by getting rid of the harmful metal, which is Fluoride and aluminum. Getting rid of these heavy metals is necessary in order to activate your Pineal Gland. Based on a scientific study, it was shown that Fluoride transmits the aluminum to the person’s brain of which eventually being accumulated in the Pineal Gland. This could lead to phosphate crystal formation. The increased accumulation of the phosphate crystal in the Pineal Gland will affect and disrupt the sleep and wake cycle.

The normal functioning of the Pineal Gland is needed for it is connected with the Hypothalamus Gland. These glands are essential for the body to function towards its circadian rhythms: the thirst and hunger cycle, sexual desire, and sleeping patterns.

The physiological function of the Pineal Gland is the control of the control-wake cycles or the bio-rhythms of the body by secreting the melatonin. Having a deep sleep wherein it leads us to dream is due to the DMT molecule being released by the Pineal Gland.

Having vivid dreams is essential to us, for it is the state wherein we established the connection between the “self” and “trust” or the ability to let go. It is the fusion between the physical and the spiritual world wherein through a deep sleep that we experience the calmness of the soul. It is also the state where we are able to listen to our inner self and learn the difference between our ego and our intuition. A healthy Pineal Gland in our endocrine system can effectively induce us to have a restful, peaceful sleep.

Once the Pineal Gland is impaired due to the heavy metals, the body may experience fatigue, depression and other psychic disorders, insomnia, and other related sleeping problems. Unknowingly we are bombarding our bodies with these metals that are harmful to the proper functioning of our brain.

The Root Clean Slate Drops Works in Your Pineal Gland

Understanding the importance of the Pineal Gland in our body is essential for it controls circadian rhythm, biological clock, sleeping pattern, and as well as our moods. An impaired Pineal Gland may affect one’s sleeping pattern and may even experience mood swings and mood disorders. The presence of heavy metals such as Fluoride and aluminum in the Pineal Gland may cause its impairment and dysfunction. It will disrupt the organic process in the body, for it strips off the zinc, which eventually triggers elevated copper levels.

By infusing the Clean Slate in the body will strengthen the body to break down the hardened calcium formed around the toxic metals such as Fluoride in the Pineal Gland. By removing those heavy metals around the Pineal Gland will greatly improve the body system towards sleeping patterns, mood control, may not experience headaches, and can even improve the person’s foresight. It may also enhance focus and clarity, one’s creativity, and the feeling of serendipity.

Final Thoughts On Using The Root Clean Slate Drops

There could be a zillion of testimonials both from personal and community that can attest to the product’s effectiveness in detoxifying the body. The body is the ultimate gift that God gave us, and we are the custodian that should ensure that the body is nourished for it to perform its maximum potential.

You can also reap the benefits of staying “young” by beating the aging process through detoxifying by buying a bottle of Clean Slate today. Just click here to be taken to the ROOT Website.

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