Looking Into The Market Insights For Zeolite In 2023

Looking Into the Market Insights for Zeolite in 2023


As an inorganic material, zeolite has been effectively used for decades, especially in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. Its ability to act as a molecular sieve, with its tiny pores, allows it to facilitate numerous processes, from adsorption and filtration to catalysis and ion exchange. 

It also has uses in agriculture and manufacturing. In recent years, its popularity has increased in many areas. This article examines the current market insights for zeolite in 2023. It will look into the substance’s growing production, potential applications, and other pertinent data.

Understanding Zeolites

The alkaline and alkaline-earth metals can form hydrated aluminosilicates called zeolites. Throughout the past 200 years, forty natural zeolites have been identified.

The following zeolites are the most prevalent:

  • Analcime
  • Chabazite
  • Clinoptilolite
  • Erionite
  • Ferrierite
  • Heulandite
  • Laumontite
  • Mordenite
  • Phillipsite

Natural and synthetic zeolites are employed economically due to their distinct adsorption, ion exchange, molecular sieve, and catalytic capabilities, which have led to the creation of more than 150 zeolites. Pet litter, animal feed, horticultural uses, and wastewater treatment are major markets for natural zeolites.

Analysis of the Global Zeolite Market

It is predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a negative impact on the worldwide Zeolite market, which is expected to be worth USD 3164.8 million in 2023 and USD 3890.3 million by 2028.

With a share of over 40 percent, Asia-Pacific is the largest market, followed by Europe and North America, each of which has a share of over 45 percent.

Around 5 percent of the market is held by the top five producers worldwide. A few of the leading companies in the world of zeolite oscillators include Honeywell UOP, Huiying Chemical Industry, Tosoh, Blue Pacific Minerals, and Clariant.

Natural zeolite is the most successful product category, accounting for more than 60 percent of the market. And when it comes to usage, petrochemicals and refining take the lead. They are followed by water filtration, emission control, and agriculture and aquaculture.

Useful Data on Natural Zeolites

Usage and Production

Nine zeolite mines were run by six businesses in the US in 2019, and an estimated 98,000 tons of natural zeolites were produced. Although zeolites may have been sold from ore stockpiles at one of these facilities, two mines owned by a different business were idle during the year.

The year 2019 saw New Mexico, California, Idaho, Texas, Oregon, and Arizona produce the most natural zeolite.

The domestic applications of natural included the following:

  • Animal feed
  • Control of odor
  • Unclassified end uses
  • Purifying of water
  • Pet waste
  • Treatment of sewage
  • Transporter of a fungicide or pesticide
  • Grease and oil absorbent
  • Absorbent for gas
  • Transporter for fertilizer
  • Dehumidifier
  • Aquaculture

Around 70 percent of the domestic sales tonnage was probably accounted for by applications for animal feed, odor control, and water purification.

Trends in Zeolite

In the United States, less than 15,000 tons of natural zeolites were produced annually prior to the 1990s. From 1990 to 2019, production more than doubled, primarily due to increases in sales for animal feed applications. 

Due to competition from other products, sales of pet litter significantly decreased during this time. However, sales for odor control and water purification also saw considerable growth.

Production and Reserves of Mines Worldwide

Natural zeolite production is frequently either not reported at all or is reported with a two- to three-year lag. 

Natural zeolites are primarily used in low-value, high-volume building products, including dimension stone, lightweight aggregate, and pozzolanic cement in nations that mine significant quantities of zeolite minerals. 

As a result, the amounts of natural zeolites employed in high-value applications that are reflected in the domestic statistics may not be adequately shown by production data for some nations.

Final Thoughts on the Zeolite Market in 2023

This analysis of the market insights for zeolite in 2023 shows that this product has seen increasing production, potential applications, and potential improvements over the years. This means that there is a large potential for zeolite to continue its market growth in the coming years. 

Furthermore, with its already established use, it is likely that new applications and uses of this material could further boost the sales of zeolite in the foreseeable future.

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