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Black Oxygen Organics Review | Is This A Scam Or Legit?

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Are you looking for a complete black oxygen organics review that tells you everything you need to know about this company to determine whether it is a scam or legitimate?

I am sure you have recently noticed the special magic dirt all over your Facebook feed these days? Are you thinking what in the world they’re drinking?

If you’re one of those people who want to know more about Black Oxygen Organics or BOO, this post got you covered. This article will try to uncover everything you need to know about Black Oxygen Organics.

If you’re ready to learn more information, then let’s begin our Black Oxygen Organics review!

Do You Need Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic acids have healthy ingredients like amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and even plant nutrients. When you consume plants, you’re taking some fulvic acids. Fulvic acid supplement proponents claim that the amounts people often ingest are less today due to soil erosion and modern farming. Sick soil results in sick people, others often say.

It is an appealing concept. However, tracing the increase in diseases such as dementia, heart disease, and diabetes—to a single class of nutrients is far-fetched in our opinion. You see, human biology is completely complex.

Much of the research done on fulvic acids stems from looking at what takes place in isolated cell cultures and lab animals. Less is known about the advantages of soil nutrients in humans. Also, that deficiency in knowledge is because of the researcher’s failure to investigate it better.

What Is Black Oxygen Organics?

Black Oxygen Organics is a privately owned company that was established by Marc Saint-Onge. The company sells numerous wellness products that have fulvic acid. They also claim that they’re the missing link to optimal health.

Currently, the company sells three products: Black Oxygen Tabs, Black Oxygen Powder, and Black Oxygen Coffee. The main selling point of Black Oxygen Organics is fulvic acid.

What is fulvic acid, really? BOO is also known as fulvic acid. In case you didn’t know yet, fulvic acid is the end product of the tiniest particle of the decomposition of peat bog. That’s why everyone is calling it “dirt,” as it literally comes from Mother Earth.

You see, the peat bog used by BOO is seen in Canada. Keep in mind that Black Oxygen Organics has a proprietary way of extracting the minerals from the peat bog to make their fulvic acid. Take note that not all fulvic acids are the same. Canada has rigorous rules about how it’s harvested.

Fulvic acids came from a family of natural compounds, organic acids, and components of humus. They’re the same as humic acid, with differences being the oxygen and carbon contents, acidity, molecular weight, degree of polymerization, and color.

It is claimed that the magic dirt has more than eighty beneficial nutrients, including amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, electrolytes, and natural detoxifying compounds. Further, it claims to offer all types of amazing health benefits.

Keep in mind that fulvic acid is a by-production of decomposed plants and is seen in dirt and sewage. Shilajit is considered the main bioactive in fulvic acid and it has been utilized for many years in Ayurvedic medicine.

That’s also the same nature of medicine saying that hot-tempered individuals must stay away from spicy foods. We are pretty sure that Ayurvedic medicines are useful, but their reputation isn’t one that is scientific in nature.

Currently, fulvic acid is sold in pill, powder, and liquid form. The product of Black Oxygen Organic is a powder that is available for $100 for 125 grams of a bag or forty pills.

Numerous Claims About Fulvic Acid

You will find numerous claims about fulvic acid circulating around the internet, and most of them appear to be too good to be true. Most of them are just ridiculous and terrible.

Deceptively, BOO can be utilized in a foot soak, claiming it can detox you and your trauma, not to mention can help de-worms you.

First of all, you cannot soak your feet in anything and detox any part of you. Yet, you’ll find many posts claiming otherwise.

Many people claim BOO’s dirt can cure diabetes, eliminate parasites that everybody seems to believe they have today, cleanse the human body, fix their traumas, offers usable oxygen, cure mold toxicity, improve optimal health, calm the oxidative stress, treat wounds, and many nonsense things.

Some of the claims I found on websites are the following:

  • helps balance hormones
  • improves gut flora
  • increases nutrient absorption
  • enhances heart health
  • strengthens immune system
  • support optimal health
  • the most powerful electrolyte in the history
  • provides usable oxygen into the cell
  • supports health circulation
  • increases metabolism
  • offers more energy
  • lessens oxidative stress
  • improves brain function

The above are only claims without a good, solid scientific review to back them up. Consider them as a red flag. It also appears that the Black Oxygen Organics company salespeople are advertising the claim that one person can become “toxic and acidic” from consuming the wrong foods. You see, that’s absurdly foolish. If someone is acidic, then they need a hospital and not black dirt.

Keep in mind as well that fulvic acid dirt cannot cure incurable conditions and other health issues, and recommend that it’s inappropriate and disrespectful at the same time.

It’s 100% dangerous too! Further, fulvic acid cannot treat trauma and recommend that it’s only opportunistic. The people behind the Black Oxygen Organics company have such poor ethics.

Research Revolving Around BOO And Fulvic Acid

The research conducted around fulvic acid has been completed in rats and fish. Consider that a person is neither of those things. Using those pieces of research to prove any of the claims made about that ingredient is tricky and dishonest.

We are quite familiar with that because we often see most of these things with multi-level marketing. For instance, a company (say the Black Oxygen Organics company) will tell their black oxygen organics products has all the scientific research backing up its beneficial effects.

However, the research is simply done on animals or in lab dishes and is decades old and is poorly done.

According to a study review in 2018, it was discovered that animal studies had some positive results with fulvic acid and confessed some studies had demonstrated negative impacts of that compound, especially with causing oxidative damage to the cells. The human research around fulvic acid isn’t that appealing as well.

Another study named Ancient Science of Life discovered that shilajit reduced triglycerides and increased HDL cholesterol. Unluckily, the actual paper did not outline actual numbers or diet specifics. Further, it has been nearly two decades since it was published.

Who is the company behind Black Oxygen Organics?

The company name is Black Oxygen Organics Inc. There seems to appear another name, which is NWTR. The website is available on It was found out that the BlackOxygen Organics company gets their fulvic acid from a peat bog in Ottawa, Canada.

They also claim they’re the only company allowed to sustainably harvest in the region, which is considered to be one of the most abundant sources and presents the most powerful electrolyte in the world.

Is Blackoxygen Organics A Pyramid Scheme?

The company is considered a multi-level marketing company (MLM). It does have numerous traits, same as pyramid schemes, but it’s not one of them.

An MLM company which BOO falls under is a legal business practice as it is composed of the sale of tangible goods. Nonetheless, you must not confuse “not a pyramid scheme” with “lucrative business opportunity.”


Did you know that the Better Business Bureau gives the company an F rating with one out of five stars? The BBB also reports a pattern of complaints from people having problems with delayed shipping, concerns with honor refunds, problems with Black Oxygen Organics products, and of course, poor customer service.

Customer Support

There’s one thing we can comment about the company’s overall customer service: seriously pathetic customer service. The refund policy is not properly laid out on their website.

Further, the Refunds Page doesn’t contain any email address, phone numbers, physical address, or the necessary procedures to be followed to send the supplements back.

Expect only the poorest and pathetic customer services when you contact the Canadian company. They will not even answer straightforward questions.

How Much Is Their Product?

Below are the prices listed on the official website from the company:

  • Infused Fulvic Acid Coffee: $30 (a box has 12 K-cups)
  • Fulvic Acid Powder: $110 per pouch (4.41 ounces or 125 grams)
  • BlackOxygen tablets: $110 per box (40 tablets per box)

Refunds And Money Back Guarantee

Blackoxygen Organics comes with a thirty-day window to get your money back if you’re not happy with your purchase. Waiting longer than one month means the refund will be only fifty percent of the purchase price. Take note that the company is involved in an MLM company. But we are not sure if that refund policy also applies to direct employers or distributors.

Side Effects Of Black Oxygen Organics

There have not been any reported side effects from taking the BOO supplements. Their supplements are approved by Health Canada and have a Health Canada Natural Product Number of 80063624.

Still, remember that much of what’s known about fulvic acid is garnered from studies on lab animals or isolated cells. For instance, in rats, fulvic acids lessen thyroid function. However, that does not indicate it hurts thyroid function in people. In other clinical trials, other people reported diarrhea, headaches, and sore throats.

Pros and Cons of Blackoxygen Organics


  • The website has a live chat option
  • Approved by Health Canada
  • Positive testimonials
  • Company supports research


  • It is costly
  • It has many negative reviews
  • Many fulvic acid research is not on humans
  • Other claims are not supported by scientific research

Should You Consider Black Oxygen Organics?

The Black Oxygen Organics BOO has released at least one report showing that BlackOxygen fulvic minerals supplement can pull heavy metals such as aluminum and lead out of the body. That’s quite interesting, but the study doesn’t seem to be peer-reviewed. That is a big red flag for us.

You see, lack of evidence doesn’t indicate it doesn’t live up to what other people are saying. Instead, it only means it should be looked at better. Fulvic minerals are intriguing soil nutrients that likely have good health benefits even though much of the research involves cells and animals.

If you want to try the BOO supplement, make sure you go into that with an open mind and remember that results will significantly vary.

A Great Alternative: Root Clean Slate

Root Clean Slate

One of the things we like is product supplements with sufficient clinical research. Root Clean Slate has dozens of clinical studies demonstrating it supplements the body with the needed minerals like the minerals from the Great Salt Lake and the needed vitamin C to support cellular repair.

Basically, Clean Slate has two functions. One, it detoxifies your body from dangerous chemicals and heavy metals. Second, it supplements the human body with necessary vitamin C, minerals, and silica. Take note that silica is vital in the body’s collagen formation that may improve your flexibility, teeth, hair, skin, and connective tissues too. Overall, it is an efficient way of beating your biological clock. You can easily defy the aging process by detoxifying your body.

It’s worth mentioning that Root Clean Slate Detox drops used two detoxifying methods: Zeolites Detox and Microbial Detox, which are both considered natural methods of detoxifying. Did you know it nourishes the body as it detoxifies it by exhibiting potent anti-microbial? That may be considered a “kryptonite” for stubborn bacteria, pathogens, and viruses, as it supplies the required nutrients to the body.

One of the ingredients of Clean Slate is the Orthosilicilic acid, and Clinoptilolite being a high negative charge, functions as a strong magnet to the positively charged toxins like metals. After the negatively charged Clinoptilolite absorbs those positively charged toxins, it’s then removed from the body through urine. Thus, it doesn’t cause any serious side effects on the body’s kidneys.

The Importance Of Eliminating Toxins In The Body

Heavy metals and toxins may trigger serious health issues in the body, influencing the brain. Metals such as aluminum, fluoride, lead, mercury, and other similar metals may also cause Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other related diseases.

Infusing Root Clean Slate Detox will efficiently help remove such metals and toxins. They do that by serving as an agent which traps and absorbs such dangerous toxins and eliminates them from the body through body wastes.

Benefits Of Heavy Metal Detoxing With Zeolite

You may be wondering what zeolite is. In case you didn’t know yet, zeolite is a natural mineral of volcanic origin, created by a chemical reaction between saline water and lava. It has been utilized for many years as a natural treatment for heavy metal detox due to its filtering capabilities.

You will find at least forty types of natural zeolites, forming in sedimentary and volcanic rocks and at least 150 synthetic types—made for industrial use and not for human consumption.

Thanks to its peculiar structure of porous microparticles and negative charge, it can stop positively charged ions as well as free radicals and get rid of them from the body, serving as a molecular sieve.

The efficiency of the zeolite detox is because its zeolite-toxin bond is almost impossible to break. After it is bonded, the heavy metals can’t be eradicated nor left as a deposit in other body areas, as they get neutralized inside the negatively charged field of the zeolite.

Thus, after it is trapped, the toxins are then flushed out of the body by passing through the small intestines. That’s also where the villi surrounded with zeolite purify your bloodstream. That chelation procedure takes only five to seven hours and happens as a normal bodily procedure without influencing the liver or kidneys.

So, how long does a body detox take place? To make it short, a full-body heavy metal detox may take at least seven to nine weeks or more. However, that will massively depend on your age, lifestyle, health, diet, and body size. What’s more, the detox can be more efficient and much faster if there’s a continuous improvement in your diet and if you do the other detox methods as well.

My Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Overall, the problem is not with supplements like Black Oxygen Organics. Probably, the concern is with the claims that are made about such products, the methods by which they are sold, and the reality that the company’s sales team run wild and unchecked, spouting all types of garbage science and testimonials that mean nothing.

If you are only looking for an alternative to BOO, Root Clean Slate may be a good option. There could be tons of testimonials both from the community and personal that can attest to its efficacy in detoxifying the body.

We hope you find this review informative and educational. Will you use Black Oxygen Organics or just prefer Root Clean Slate? We’d like to know your insights. Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below.

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