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Zoi Clear Drops Review | Is It Legit?

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Are you searching for an unbiased Zoi Clear Drops review? You are wise to look up Zoi Clear Drops reviews before trying it. This blog post will reveal a lot of important information you need to know about it that you will be hard-pressed to find this information anywhere else.

By now, a lot of people are aware of the significance of antioxidants. Each day, we are bombarded by free radicals, and they come from external sources, including medications like antibiotics and coffee, the food you eat, etc. These free radicals are made when a cell loses its electrons because the contaminants or the body is not working well and properly. This leads to a chain reaction as every cell steals an electron from another cell to stabilize, and is believed to be a main cause of aging as well as disease.

Unchecked free radical damage can mutate cells and then duplicate bad cells, spreading generic mutations all through the body. You need to fight this to avoid possible medical issues. The best way to combat this is through the use of Zoi Global Clear Drops. Reading this Zoi Global Clear review will help you know more about this product.

What is Zoi Clear Drops?

zoi clear drops review

Zoi Clear Drops is indeed the first dietary supplement available that can support the claim of crossing cell membrane with the invitor pharmacokinetic research done for a dietary supplement. Clear Drop is FDA approved and intended to provide systematic detox and can assist the human body to detoxify and eliminate free radicals and toxins while working at cellular as well as sub-cellular levels. Generally, this enhances the body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins

This also works to lessen and get rid of the serious accumulation of toxins concealing in the major parts of the body, such as fatty tissue, brain tissue as well as bone tissue. The molecular weight ranges of clear drops measured by Dalton, 100 Daltons up to 1000 Daltons. Mitochondria are notorious as the powerhouse of the cell, which keeps it full of energy. This allows a substance to pervade or pass in the Mitochondria when substances have a molecular weight of fewer than 10,000 Daltons.

• Data shows it can attract, interfere and retain many forms of toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals, viral particles as well as herbicides

• Data shows that can cross cellular membranes, providing utmost possible bioavailability

• Proven ability to support the natural capability of the body to detoxify by reversing the toxin accumulation process, which took many years

• Proven able to cross the cellular membrane to work as a true or real binder

Who Developed Zoi Clear Drop Zeolite?

zoi clear drops review

The person behind these powerful zeolites is Dr. Nikolaos Tsirikos, and he is the president of Metron Nutraceuticals. The manufacturers and also the inventor of this product. He was born and raised in Greece and completed his studies in the School of Pharmacy and School of Medicine, one of the best schools in Europe. He continues learning at the University of Athens, where he got his Ph.D.

Not only that, but he is a board-certified pharmacist, board-certified cardiovascular surgeon as well as a board-certified medical doctor. Furthermore, he transferred to Rochester in 2007, where he worked for 5 years at Mayo Clinic. He is also the recipient of impressive and prominent awards in Thoracic as well as Cardiovascular Surgery, and he owns many U.S. and International Patents.

Features of Zoi Clear Drops

zoi global clear drops review

Cost-Efficient and Potent

There are statements about its effectiveness in daily detoxification. This is the most potent and cost-effective liquid zeolites available and is a superb choice for detox maintenance which supports the safe detoxification of environmental toxins and free radicals.

Unique Combination of Minerals

The exceptional combination of zeolite and vitamin C is an extremely efficient immune system booster. Patients who suffer from anxiety can find relief as it supports mental clarity, healthy inflammation response as well as restful sleep.

Keep Healthy

The additional vitamin D-3 and citric acid function as a potent immune system booster if combined with zeolite. Zoi Clear Drop can be used as alkaline water drops, that controls pH level, keeping a better health condition.

Easy to Use and Taste Amazing

Many have comments on its amazing taste. Zoi Clear Drop has a mild fruity taste which even little ones will love. This is evaluated by the drug administration authority.

Zoi clear drops dosage

Take a dropper-full one to two times a day under your tongue, or you can combine it with water or juice for a natural detox.

Trusted Source

The Company is the first to offer zeolite supplementation, and the products are mined from the purest sources, You can rely on this product as it is third-party tested and made with the use of good manufacturing methods.


  • The only consumer strength and triple-patented water-soluble zeolite available with lots of positive reviews
  • A real binder providing a system that detoxes every day taken orally and acts as a natural antibacterial.
  • The first in the world which can manage the claim of crossing cell membranes with the initial invitro pharmacokinetic study done for dietary supplements
  • Proven able to go deeper cell membrane, have access to the inner body cells as well as start abstracting inner cell toxins as well as getting rid of from the system, thus eliminating health symptoms.
  • Provides a higher opportunity to help and support human wellness and food and drug administration approved
  • Using this product as directed can provide yourself with the perk of daily, systemic detox abilities and eliminate the toxins in the body, lead to better energy as well as take pleasure in greater wellbeing. It improved the body’s natural ability to fight toxins and treat various medical issues.

Interfere toxin accumulation process and Food and Drug Administration approved

There are ads and videos from past clients commenting on the efficiency of this product, delivering amazing results.


This liquid zeolite is deemed 100 percent safe as well as and non-toxic. This mineral is rough-edged without positively charged tough particulates. This can activate specific healthy physiological responses with no harmful effects. In short, Zoi Clear Drops side effects are not true. Zoi Global Clear Drops are 100 percent safe to use and cure various health problems.

There is no doubt that Zoi Global Clear Drops are very effective in capturing and eliminating toxins. However, you have to accept the reality that it is expensive compared to other brands. If you want a cheap but very effective and reliable zeolite, we highly recommend the Root Clean Slate.

A Better Zoi Clear Drops Alternative – Root Clean State

zeotrex alternative
Root Clean Slate is a better alternative to using Zoi Clear Drops.

Root Clean Slate makes use of nature’s most superb detoxifying mineral in a proprietary patent-pending formulation to assist wipe cleaning the cells from the heavy metals as well as toxins trying to take you over. It is your body’s chance to oust that bad stuff in the body and start new.

This is made by Root Brands, a renowned health and wellness company to focus on offering the best and ultimate all-natural solutions which deal with the main cause of a profound number of health issues, heavy metal toxicity.

This also supports the passive systematic elimination and detox of toxins and heavy metals, glyphosate, organic pollutants, mold spores, viral particles, bacterial bio-toxins, and other persistent volatile organic compounds as well as forever chemicals.

  • Detox: Safely and securely supports the elimination of heavy metals and toxins from the body, cells as well as brain tissue.
  • Lessens Inflammation: Helps the reduction of harmful inflammation by eliminating the main cause of the problem.
  • Improve Absorption: This supports the absorption of essential nutrients by the elimination of heavy metals and toxins that might block nutrient binding sites.
  • Act as a natural antimicrobial that eliminates fluoride from your body
  • Serve as kryptonite against most harmful viruses
  • One of the first things people notice on this product is better to sleep and frequent dreaming
  • There is also the feeling of spiritual expansion as well as access to an utmost universal knowledge

1 ounce or 30ml bottle has about 60 dosages of ten drops concentration each. To maximize its effectiveness, take five to ten drops twice in the morning and before going to sleep. In general, this is the best alternative to the Zoi Global Clear Drops. But, take note that you must visit your physician first before taking this product. You can call the company or visit the site to know more about the services they offer.

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