Best Heavy Metal Detox For Speech Delay | Our Top Picks

Best Heavy Metal Detox For Speech Delay | Our Top Picks

Speech delays in children can be attributed to a number of underlying causes, including heavy metal toxicity. But how do you know how to effectively remove these metals from your child’s body?

Heavy metal toxicity can cause a multitude of health issues, from cognitive and behavioral problems to speech delay. You need a reliable, safe method to remove these harmful toxins from your child’s system so they can develop their speech and communication skills.

A heavy metal detox may be the solution your child needs. Zeolite has been used for a long time for removing toxic substances from the body and is backed by science because it helps flush out heavy metals and other toxins while promoting healthy cell function and development. Here are our favorite picks so that you’ll be able to ensure your child’s body is free of toxins so they can reach their full potential!

If you are in a hurry, here are links to our favorite heavy metal detox supplements.

RankImageNamePriceWhere To Buy
#1Root Clean Slate$74.00Visit Website
#2Touchstone PBX$79.95Visit Website
#3Zoi Clear Drops$79.99Visit Website

What Is The Underlying Cause Of Speech Delay?

Heavy metals have been identified as a potential underlying cause of speech delay in autistic children. Studies have shown that heavy metals can disrupt the communication pathways in the brain, leading to delayed speech development. Furthermore, these metals can also affect the immune system’s ability to fight off infections and other illnesses, making it even more of a burden for autistic children to develop their language skills.

Why Is Zeolite Effective At Treating Speech Delay?

Watch this video about what Zeolite are, and what they have been used for a millennium.

Zeolite is renowned as an effective heavy metal detox for speech delay in children. It works by binding to heavy metals in the body and removing them, which can help reduce symptoms of autism, like speech delay. Studies have shown that a zeolite detox can reduce levels of mercury, lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals that are linked to speech delay. By removing these toxins from the body, zeolite supports the improvement of communication skills and social interaction in children with speech delays.

Our Favorite Heavy Metal Detoxes For Speech Delay

#1 Clean Slate by Root Wellness

zeolite detoxes for speech delay
  • Bioavailable Silica (Extracted From Natural Zeolite)

Clean Slate is created with the most pure natural zeolite available. Under normal circumstances, zeolite is a honeycomb-like structure made up of Aluminosilicates. As zeolite passes through the body, it binds toxic heavy metals and passes through your digestive tract. Passing the zeolite takes about 4-6 hours, and none of the particles will remain in your body afterward.

However, with regular natural zeolite, this also means that the Silica bound to the zeolite is inert. It has no benefit to you except for helping the zeolite remain stable as it moves through your digestive tract. However, Dr. Christina Rahm figured out how to extract Silica from Zeolite so you can benefit from it as well as the zeolite detox. In a recent lab report, Clean Slate had 40x more silica than Pure Body Extra. You can read about her Silica extraction patent here.

  • Polarized Zeolite Fragments

Naturally, Zeolite has a negative charge to it which helps it to bind toxins to its honeycomb-like structure. However, often times the negative charge varies from source to source, and fragment to fragment. Dr. Christina Rahm developed a polarization method to enhance the zeolite’s effectiveness at binding toxins like heavy metals. Under a microscope, you can actually see the difference between regular zeolites versus ones that have been polarized. So in essence, your child is getting a better detoxing experience with each drop.

  • Various Zeolite Fragment Sizes

Root Wellness developed Clean Slate under the school of thought that having a variety of zeolite fragment sizes is ideal. Toxins, after all, are of various sizes. Some zeolite particles will be larger and will help remove the larger-sized toxins. Other zeolite particles in Clean Slate are measured in the nano-size and will permeate beyond the gut, giving your child a more thorough detox.

  • Trace Minerals

One of the common issues with Heavy Metals is that they block nutrient-binding sites, which hinders your body from being able to absorb nutrients effectively. When your child goes through a zeolite detox, the zeolite will remove the heavy metals from these nutrient-binding sites, but that will leave them wide open. The 80+ ionic trace minerals found in Clean Slate will help prevent nutrient gapping.

Why Clean Slate Is The #1 Recommendation To Heavy Metal Detox For Speech Delay
Watch this brief video from Dr. Christina Rahm about why she developed Clean Slate, and what it can do.

In our opinion, Clean Slate is the best heavy metal detox for speech delay because:

  • It is the only zeolite detox with bioavailable silica extracted from the zeolite.
  • The zeolite fragments have been polarized for a more effective detox.
  • Each drop contains various-sized zeolite fragments, for removing various-size toxins.
  • It swaps out heavy metals with ionic trace minerals (bad for good) at nutrient-binding sites.

Read Our In-depth Review Of Root Clean Slate

#2 Pure Body Extra (PBX Detox) by Touchstone Essentials

Pure Body Extra is easily the most popular zeolite detox for children with speech delay, with the most testimonials on social media. Pure Body Extra is supposed to be used side-by-side with their Pure Body or Fulvic Minerals+.

The main highlight is their zeolite is natural zeolite that has been decreased in size to the nanometer. This means that it will permeate into other parts of your body beyond the gut, providing a more thorough detox than standard zeolite powders.

PBX Dosage Instructions For Children

Many parents have been asking me how much they should give their children. Although the instructions are available right on the Zeolite Detox Pack page, I’ve decided to include their instructions here.

It is important to keep in mind that this is assuming you are giving them both the PBX detox as well as the Pure Body Detox. However, their new product called Fulvic Minerals+ has the same zeolite as Pure Body so it can be administered interchangeably.

Why PBX Is Our #2 Recommendation For Heavy Metal Detox For Speech Delay

This heavy metal detox is our second favorite choice because it has a lot of great outcomes for folks with children that are suffering from speech delay. It didn’t make the #1 spot because it is not as potent as Clean Slate, for the many reasons listed above. That being said, it is recommended you decrease the dosage for all of these heavy metal detox supplements when giving them to children.

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#3 Zoi Clear Drops by Zoi Global

Zoi Clear Drops is the only liquid zeolite that has been proven to be water soluble, and proven to pass through the blood-brain barrier. This means the zeolite has the ability to permeate through most of your body. However, as someone from the school of thought that zeolite fragments should be various sizes, so various size toxins can be removed from the body, Clear Drops only comes in the Nano-size zeolite so it won’t be able to get rid of larger toxins particles effectively.

Why ZOI Clear Drops Is Our #3 Recommendation To Heavy Metal Detox For Speech Delay

Zoi Global makes a heavy metal detox product, however, there is a couple of good reasons that we do not recommend this as highly as the previous two.

  • This zeolite supplement is not recommended to give to children. Once they are older you can use Zoi Clear Drops.
  • It is unable to effectively eliminate larger size toxins.

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Final Recommendation & Considerations

When your child is undergoing a zeolite detox keep in mind that they should not be taking the full dozen. This could lead to dehydration. So always make sure they drink plenty of water.

Additionally, it is recommended that folks who are taking zeolite are on a healthy diet that consists of foods that balance the microbiome of the gut. Doing this will enhance the effectiveness of getting rid of the toxins.

We hope you found this article helpful in choosing the best way to do heavy metal detox for speech delay, and hope you give one of them a try.

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