How Does Chelation Therapy Work? | Will It Work For You?

How Does Chelation Therapy Work? | Will It Work For You?

how does chelation therapy work

Are you trying to figure out how chelation therapy works? In this blog post, I will reveal what it is, and how it is supposed to work…

There are lots of medical problems now in the world that turned out to be very similar to each other in terms of their causes. It varies only on the patient’s situation, behavior, environment, and other external factors affecting the natural condition of the body. If you come to think about it, you will realize that most of the health problems nowadays are caused by toxic materials that penetrate the human body.

Nowadays, almost all health problems are caused by toxic materials penetrating the human body. A lot of studies show that many kinds of toxic materials that are very dangerous to our health cannot be avoided in the world we are living in now. It is sad, but we do not have any other option but to deal with these new and existing health problems.

Nevertheless, our medical experts do not stop to find ways to treat all these health diseases. They continuously develop many kinds of treatments and procedures in order to heal our sick people.

One of the most common procedures now to treat various diseases which are caused by toxic materials is chelation therapy.

What Is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is an alternative medical treatment procedure that is administered by using chelating agents to remove toxic metals from the body. It involves a chemical process wherein they use a synthetic solution called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid). The solution is injected directly into the body’s bloodstream and removes the excess minerals and heavy metals. It is commonly used as a treatment for various metal poisoning as it also removes substances such as iron, copper, calcium, nickel, and lead from blood.

Some people in the past years claimed that chelation therapy is also treating other conditions such as autism, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

What Is EDTA & Is It Good For You?

How Does Chelation Therapy Work?

The therapy procedure is done by injecting the chelating agent into the bloodstream through Intravenous-IV treatment. The common agents that they use the dimercaptosuccinic acid, dimercaprol, and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). These chelating agents are controlling the metal ions by blocking their reacting chemical compounds and preventing or controlling them from entering. In this procedure, the chelating agents form very firm metal ion bonds, which is very effective in preventing the activities of metal ions.

The chelator’s function is to bind the metals present in the bloodstream. So, when these chelators were injected into the bloodstream, they mixed with blood and created a reaction that binds the metal ions. Hence, by this method, the heavy metals are collected with the compounds, which then get filtered and goes to the kidneys and flushed out with the urine.

Chelation therapy is being used as a treatment for quite some time now. It is used to treat lead and mercury poisoning. However, it is not yet clear if it really treats heart disease. In any treatment, there are side effects, such as chelation therapy. It is said that there can be serious side effects if it is used to treat heart disease. So, some practitioners recommend passive chelation through supplements like Root Clean Slate.

chelation therapy alternative
Some people prefer to use supplements to remove toxic heavy metals from the body. This is a form of ‘passive chelation’.

The chelation therapy treatment removes the arteries’ plaques like calcium in fatty acids when it comes to heart disease treatments. These fatty acids are substances that cause the blood vessels to narrow, so the blood flow becomes very slow. The main process is that chelation therapy clears the blood.

Some studies also showed that chelation therapy could reduce the risk of stroke and hospitalization issues. It was revealed that chelation therapy also has great benefits to people who have other health conditions like diabetes.  

Some practitioners also suggest that the chelation agents can be an antioxidant that protects chronic inflammation damages. Also, it has been used to treat osteoarthritis and other related various conditions.

So, nowadays, there are many doctors and medical professionals who use chelation therapy to treat various diseases in their patients. They normally use this method because it is simple but proven effective in cleaning the bloodstreams from all of these toxic materials penetrating the human body, which causes many cleanings of health problems. It doesn’t require multiple complicated procedures and additional specialized professionals to perform the treatment. It can be done with several sessions only and doesn’t require the patient to stay in the medical facility for a longer time. It is more convenient to both the doctors and the patients somehow, so they prefer to undergo this chelation therapy treatment.

Also, there are some ways to prevent these toxic metals from causing more diseases to our bodies. One way is taking good supplements like passive chelation through supplements like Root Clean Slate. Some doctors recommend this way if the patient can still respond to supplements. Aside from convenience, it is also naturally safer in some cases and easier to complete.

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